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Lynne Jord
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Function Junior Detective
Technical Specifications
Primary Ghost Trick
Type Physical
Secondary Fate Changed
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Ghost Trick
Theme Song

Character Data

"Sorry, but this case is really important to me..."


Lynne Jord was once a homeless war orphan, but decided to become a detective to follow in the footsteps of her adopted father. She has just graduated police academy, and is now a Junior Detective for Interpol. Because of Lynne's limited detective skills, there's rumors some nepotism was involved in her getting such a good assignment. She's not the best logical thinker, but is very determined and brave. When she gets a case, she sticks to every lead, even if she sometimes comes to the wrong conclusion. She's cheerful and self-assured and has a tremendous willpower. Lately, she's also had some very unusually good luck. Bullets that should hit her fly astray, enemies targeting her trip over their own feet, and lots of little things just seem to work out in her favor, in combat or in life. It's practically supernatural.


Pluck, Grit, Cheerfulness, Not The Greatest At Deduction Though, Psychokinetic Powers?, Kenny