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Personal Information
Real Name Mac Baldwin-McDougal Light
Code Name Mac
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Serial Number AB-001
Faction Unified Army
Function Homestar Runner
Assignment Be A Big Damn Hero
Technical Specifications
Primary Mac Buster
Type Energy
Secondary Never Give Up
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Hope, life, freedom, love. I will always fight for these, you should too."


Created by the Maverick Hunter scientist and engineer Auto, Mac is his first attempt at a fully functioning reploid robot. Trying to mimic the Hunters Rock and Blues, Mac has the look down pat. Cool, sleek, stylish, and even has the shade visor. Mac is as confident as his garish build implies. Mac is willing to throw himself into the fray despite his power shortcomings. He is aware of his own shortcomings in combat, but that doesn't prevent him from standing up to the greatest foes. Armed with the completely undevastating Mac Buster, he fires globules of plasma after his enemies with little concern for his own safety. In the end, Mac always does the valiant thing, and of course, always saves the damsel in distress.


Cavalierish Manner, Impulsiveness, Intuitive Speech Composition, Long Windedness, Getting Blown Up, Believing In Causes, Knitting, Ride Armor Operations, Burger Making, Sandwich Making


Bad. Ass.




Cut Scenes