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Mach Jentra
Mach Jentra.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Mach Jentra
Code Name None
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Serial Number Ximenez-001
Function Drone Commander
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Drone Command
Secondary Specialty Business
Primary Flames Of Gehenna
Type Fire
Secondary Posture Recovery
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song

Character Data

"Front of the line: form first assault!"


Mach Jentra is something of an odd fit within the Ouroboros ranks. Considering himself superior to many, he constantly schemes and plots to rise in the factions ranks, but is constantly stymed by being a robot in a human dominated faction. Still, Mach has become the de facto commander of the rest of the other Mavericks that have been recruited to the Great Serpent's cause and is a talented and skilled commander when others actually listen to him. Highly cultured, he often shriks duties that he considers to be 'plebian' and is rarely popular with those he commands. Considering the ground filthy, Mach Jentra generally prefers to fly or hover even when idle. When his drones are defeated and he is forced to fight personally, he avoids ground combat, preferring to rain down flame from above.


Dandy, Field Tactics, War Room Strategy, I Wonder What The Poor People Are Doing Today?, Looking Sharp Is A Virtue, Drone Whisperer, Neat Freak, Knowledge: Etiquette (Western, Eastern), Knowledge: Elite Social Circles, Evil Brit