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Bug Princess
The Bug Princess
The Bug Princess
Personal Information
Real Name Mach Thi Tien
Code Name Ladybug
Race Soul Bee
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Ladybug
Technical Specifications
Weapons Martial Arts, Umbrella, Bugs, Intelligence
Primary Giant Scorpions
Type Corrosive
Secondary Elegant Umbrella
Type Physical
OOC Information
Voice Actor Heidi Hynden Walch
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito."


Mach Thi Tien was once the latest member of the Mach family of Vietnamese Striders which were known to protect Vietnams agricultural industry with their talent of talking to bugs. Once one of Wiggin's trainees, Tien left with Mai Atsuki and ended up graduating under her as a Strider. Tien's tendency to be more comfortable with bugs than people have led her to joining with the soul bee race, becoming their queen. Her Voice has only grown stronger with this decision, though as far as being a queen bee goes she is still learning the ropes. Nevertheless, while others might find such a decision horrifying, Tien seems to be more joyous than ever. Her first goal as Queen? Teach her new people to love life for more than just dinner. Tien remains devoted to Grave and Nebula and also remains a skilled assassin and scout who dislikes the actual act of fighting. She behaves more akin to a proper lady than a mad dog driven by pure appetite. She has unusual patience even by the standards of Strider assassins.


Buzz Buzz, Vietnamese Cuisine, Communist Capitalist, Excellent Eye For Food, Bug Queen, Also Fond Of America, Feelings? Professionals Have Standards, Polite, Efficient, Not A Sniper, Still Loves Cloudwatching, Spacing Out, Rescued Freddie Mercury, Very Patient, Service With A Smile


The history of the Mach family, as Striders, seems to begin during the Vietnam War where one of Mach's ancestors, Mach Quang Bao, claimed to be able to speak to the insect kingdom and would use this 'power' to track, harass, and even kill Americans through use of their toxins and diseases. Once the war ended, he went into argiculture and made a fortune in no small part due to being able to guide pests in ways that would most benefit his crops. As agriculture became more industrialized, he left his family to encourage the growth of natural beauty throughout the rest of the farms while his family maintained the business.

As time went on, nonStriders would be born into the family and as such they were not particularly skilled in handling the insect kingdom. The honor of maintaining the business would typically go to the first son born with the skills required to maintain the business, but would go to a first daughter if there were no sons. While they wouldn't abandon their children, they would abandon wives or husbands who could not pass along the genes required to communicate with buglife and the children of such relationships would typically take jobs outside of the family business entirely or be given middling jobs in the business. They were loved, in a sense, but not really respected.

Mach Thi Tien was the second child of Mach Van Hung, and the younger sister of Mach Quang Dung who had provded incapabe of talking to the bugs. She is something of a celebrity within Vietnam, often referred to as 'Rice Princess', though most people outside of the country don't care about it since agriculture can be pretty boring. When William Wiggin found the family, she was sent along with him. Her father thought that with the Robot Wars being as crazy as they are, having a better soldier within the family would be a boon to the family. While under Wiggin, her martial skills with the tonfa and 'weighted umbrella' flourished, but what she really enjoyed was going out on supply runs and finding food for her fellow students. While she was not strictly a skilled chef, she knew better than anyone how to recognize good food and how to make the most of the supplies they were able to find. While she didn't make many friends, having a laidback, quiet personality that often made her come off as a little 'off', she was well liked and no doubt prevented several poisonings amongst the students by quietly removing tampered supplies without comment.

When Wiggin fell, Mach Thi Tien--and the insects she had worked to raise while under Wiggin--were absorbed into the Chans. She didn't quite fit in there either, though she wasn't strictly disliked, but her dislike of putting her 'bugs' in harm's way encouraged Mai Atsuki to, when she graduated, have Nebula give her access to 'robot bugs'--or even, in some instances, cyber bugs depending on which sort of bug was best for the job. This, along with her concerns of China's intentions for Vietnam, bolstered her loyalty to her new Master whom she respects, loves, and fears. She is also quite fond of Donald Donowicz and Ray who have helped 'upgrade' some of her bugs.

In-Game History

When Mai Atsuki formed Chariot, Tien ended up as a member despite her lack of experience in teamwork. If this was a ploy to encourage her to work well with others and form stronger bonds with them, it worked. Through various missions and socializing, Tien grew close to the members of Chariot--most notably Luna Platz and Bly Seers. On one of their missions, Prismatic Spider unleashed a Light Bomb on Bly. Tien blamed herself due to her inability to take out her target, Dr. Edward Kirk and has since carried something of a grudge against Prismatic Spider.

Despite Tien's failings, she succeeded in various objectives. During Nephilim's raid on an old Black SHIELD base, one of Tien's robotic butterflies tricked Amoldar Cashe into releasing Double and shortly after, she poisoned Fairy Leviathan (though she may have intended to strike Ciel). Afterwards, she successfully eliminated various chaotic elements in the Australian citizenry who were encouraging riotous activities. Her success streak came to an end when Axl and Frenzic recognized that something was off about her killings and captured her.

In prison, Tien unexpectedly found herself lonely and recognized her dual attraction to Bly and Luna, ultimately rationalizing it as a deep friendship. She was shortly rescued by Chariot and her brother and was rather grateful. Knowing Luna fairly well, she has elected not to reveal her feelings either.

Later, with the assistance of Mai Atsuki and Gemini Man, Tien assassinated Shuji Kurosu though ultimately her role in the murder was uncovered by Amoldar Cashe.

After completing a complex mission with Team Chariot, Tien officially graduated from trainee to full Strider. As a result, she was inspired to inform her father that she would continue working with Grave with the goal of becoming the best assassin she could be.


  • William Wiggin - Tien's prior Master before he was murdered somehow. While Tien respects him, she tends to be rather quiet about how she actually felt about him, suggesting an internal conflict. She is interested in him, however, and it seems to influence her method of dealing with Ciels.
  • Mai Atsuki - Mistress Atsuki is Tien's present and favorite Master. She is incredibly loyal to her and is one of the few people she'd share her insecurities with. Tien loves her deeply and while she is rarely ever rude, she would not take kindly to disrespect directed at her.
  • Bly - Tien can't help but have a bit of a crush on Bly. He's just so sweet! He is the only person who ever told Tien to never change which likely meant more for her than it did for Bly. Tien, even as a bee, doesn't feel she changed. Her teamwork with Bly is better than ever.
  • Luna Platz - Tien can't help but have a bit of a crush on Luna. She's just so sweet! Even as a teenager, life can be confusing. Despite these potential complications, Tien attempts to be a good friend and approves of her capabilities, enjoying their occupational synergy. She considers Luna to be a total bestest friend ever.
  • Celia Westwood - Celia was pretty unhappy about Tien becoming a bee. Tien is glad they seem to be getting along better now, but it still seems like there's something 'in the way' of proper friendship now.
  • Adele Fontaine - Adele is a good friend, Tien is a bit jealous of her baking ability.
  • Homura Atsuki - Homura seems nice but dumb.
  • Amoldar Cashe - Tien's turn to being a bee has not endeared Amoldar to Tien. In fact he called her a monster and tried to murder her. Tien is displeased and disapointed.
  • Mach Quang Dung - Tien's brother. A Strider, but doesn't have the bug-talking ability. While professional, he's flirtatious when he's off the clock and seems to be eyeing Adele who seems to be oblivious. Tien is eternally embarrassed. He seems a bit unsettled by the whole bee thing, but he's still loyal.
  • Ciel - Her status as someone Wiggin appeared to love renders Tien in a bit of a pickle. She doesn't wish to dishonor Wiggin but at the same time Wiggin would likely be disappointed if Tien wasn't professional regardless. She would try to kill Ciel again but wouldn't go out of her way to harass her. Still, Ciel's utter acceptance of her new state has encouraged Tien away from murdering her.
  • Aino Neitola - Aino was very helpful when it came to making her decision to becoming a bee. She is quite fond of Aino.
  • Donald Donowicz - A very sweet young man who helps Tien with the technical side regarding her bugs. Tien is entirely oblivious to his transexual porn fetish.
  • Ray - He's a sweetie and helped Tien become a bee. He seems sensible.
  • Dex Ogreon - Eeee he's such a sweetie! And kind! And cute! A bit of a diamond in the rough, but that's how she likes 'em ;).
  • Miranda Stoddard - Tien was quite alarmed to find out there were mermaids in this world. She seems very sweet.
  • Marshall Rider - The Captain seems to be a good fellow, if inexperienced and perhaps a touch naive. But he's not cruel, so Tien likes him.
  • Captain Commando - The Captain seems to be a good fellow, if experienced and perhaps a touch naive. But he's not cruel, so Tien thinks he's tentatively okay.
  • Tron Bonne - Tron Bonne is a pirate princess. WEll, that's how Tien sees her. She is glad she didn't think about her past when befriending her because Tron seems to be really awesome.
  • Atlas - A fellow Queen of the Earth. Tien considers Atlas to be her BFF. She is so excited for the wedding!! She's going to be so beautiful *_*!
  • Pathogen - Tien appreciates Pathogen's willingness to do things she wouldn't be able to do.
  • Morrigan Aensland - Morrigan is exciting because she represents a link to Makai, a world where the soul bees came from and is also a world in which Tien is keenly interested. She is what Tien thinks of what she thinks of succubi. She's smart, thoughtful, funny. Sure, her body is sexy, but whose isn't? She's attractive in the ways that makes Tien see Dex as attractive. Tien sees her as a genuine friend and appreciates what she's shown her.


  • Mach is her family name, Tien is her personal name
  • Mai Atsuki is Tien's third Master. Her first were collectively her family. Her second, William Wiggin.
  • Tien is unlike most assassins in that she is friendly and courteous, always being polite except in truly dire circumstances.
  • Tien has led a relatively sheltered life and finds social interaction to be fascinating. She does not have many friends and, as such, treasures the ones she has greatly.
  • Tien has the unusual ability to 'talk' to bugs. She considers them their friends and one of her 'weaknesses' is that she attempts to preserve their lives. She holds tiny bug funerals. It's as adorable as it is sad.
  • Despite being from a family of farmers, she isn't a spectacular chef. She is, however, an amazing farmer and agriculture specialist.
  • Tien is very professional and dislikes fighting. Why fight when you can just kill?
  • Attention can be unavoidable, but Tien prefers assassinations to not be pinned to her.
  • After Tien was broken out of jail by Chariot, they gave her a ladybug patterned umbrella. It's her most treasured possession and she would die to protect it.
  • Morrigan gave Tien a cardboard and construction paper crown with real gems superglued onto it for some reason. Tien is not very interested in gems but the cardboard crown is her other most treasured possession she would die to protect.
  • Tien is basically Vietnamese Princess Peach.

Princess and Prince Assignments

  • Morrigan Aensland - Marceline
  • Devilotte de Deathsatan IX - Lumpy Space Princess
  • Atlas - Flame Princess
  • Prairie - Rapunzel
  • Tron Bonne - Pirate Princess
  • Luna Platz - Princess Twilight Sparkle
  • Teresa Magrevich - Princess Celestia
  • Mach Thi Tien - Princess Starfire
  • Cerisier - Princess Anna
  • Noire - Princess Elsa
  • Roll - Princess Bubblegum


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