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Magic Man
Magic Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Magic Man
Code Name N/A
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date May 22nd, 2213
Serial Number N/A
Faction Robot Masters
Function A Plain, Simple Magician
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Covert Operations
Secondary Specialty Super Neat Tricks
Weapons Misdirection, tomfoolery, dirty tricks, betrayal, lies, various energy constructs (cards, birds, balls), Hardened Cane, whatever he has in his hat at the time.
Primary Magic Card
Type Blade Energy
Secondary Dramatic Appearance
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass
Voice Actor Will Arnett
Theme Song Europe - The Final Countdown

Character Data

"The key to destroying one's enemies is simply a matter of misdirection, treachery, and lies. But most importantly, making others believe otherwise."


Possibly one of the most peculiar of Dr. Wily's creations, Magic Man puts an odd twist on the mythos of magic. Using the cunning, trickery and illusions of a magician, he preforms as a deadly assassin and manipulator, stalking the Doctor's rivals and making them 'disappear'. Although quite cold and uncaring within, Magic Man keeps it very well hidden under a facade of charms, wiles, and a keen understanding of the way other people think. He is quite capable of fooling others into believing he is a charming, confident, kind android just doing what he feels is right. As a result, Magic Man is a superb actor. Prefering to keep his true motives secret from both friend or foe, Magic Man employs all the tricks of a magician. An expert in the art of misdirection and treachery, he is seemingly capable of pulling out exactly what's needed from his bag of illusions. Able to disappear into the shadows of his cape, which in fact holds stealth technology that allows him to vanish from sight. Magic Man dislikes direct combat confrontations, but when it comes down to it, he won't hold back with his cache of props, tricks, and unlimited decks of razor-edged playing cards.


Magic, Sleight of Hand, Card Tricks, Performing, Acting, Looking Good in a Cape, Being Really Charming, Misdirection, Doing Things That Seem Impossible




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