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Magistrate Vile
Personal Information
Real Name Vava
Code Name Vile
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Cossack
Faction Other
Function Magistrate
Technical Specifications
Primary Hot Electric Death
Type Electric Fire
Secondary Vile Cannon
Type Fire
Buster Colors Blue & Black
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Harmony through force, unity through purity, perfection through destruction."


Sinister and cunning, Magistrate Vile is darkness embodied in a hellish frame. His years of service to Sigma having paid off in full, granting him near complete control of the world. While the Kaiser is caught in his mad delusions, it is the Magistrate, for all intents and purposes, who truly controls the empire. It is he who enforces the law and manages the day to day concerns of the Maverick populace. Still uninfected by the Maverick Virus, Vile has calmed considerably from his time as a nihilistic worshiper of chaos and destruction. He has grown complacent with his power, forgetting his one-time goal to destroy all life. Now, fused to his deadly ride armor, Goliath, Magistrate Vile is feared throughout the empire. Beneath the Kaiser, he is more powerful than any Maverick, blending sadistic intelligence and overwhelming physical force. A brilliant strategist, the Magistrate manages the empire orderly and efficiently. Yet, sometimes, this dark piece of Maverick hardware can hear the demon calling to him from deep within.


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