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Magma Dragoon
Magma Dragoon.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Magma Dragoon
Code Name Inferno
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date July 17th, 2003
Serial Number JPN-88-DRGN-01
Faction Unified Army
Function Undefeated Of The East
Assignment Kick Ass
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Melee Combat
Secondary Specialty Tactical Planning
Weapons Ansatsuken, Flamethrowers
Primary Rising Fire
Type Fire
Secondary Ryuenjin
Type Fire
Buster Colors Red & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"It's time you showed me what you can do!"


One of the oldest and most skilled warriors in the Robot Wars, Magma Dragoon was a member of Repliforce before being invited to the Maverick Hunters. One of the first officers of the organization, he remained with the group almost from its conception to its eventually dissolution, finding a new home with TASC. Known for his love of hand-to-hand combat, he is nevertheless a skilled battlefield tactician, though he rarely leads forces into battle these days. A devotee of esoteric martial arts, Dragoon has spent much of his life trying to piece together and recreate the lost art of Ansatsuken, using his flamethrowers to replicate elements of the art that his reploid body cannot perform. Continually seeking to improve his own art, he believes that one does not benefit from experience without learning from both success and failure.


Ansatsuken, Fire Melee, Tactics, Strategy, Old School, Knowledge: Repliforce, Grudges: Repliforce, Hunter Chainsawed, Incinerating Paperwork