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Magna Centipede
Magna Centipede.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Function Ninjitsu Warrior
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Stealth/Intelligence Operations
Secondary Specialty Blowing Crap Up
Primary Magnet Mine
Type Explosive Force
Secondary Centipede Poison
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman X2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Strike fast, strike silently and strike unexpectedly, and you only need strike once."


Once a prominent figure in the Coalition as the founder of the organizations intelligence branch, Magna found everything he ever cared about stripped away. He found himself one stealth operative among many in Ouroboros, and fell into despair. He spent a year on a self-searching journey wandering among the common people of China and interacting with them, using his knowledge of poisons to instead make herbal concoctions to heal them. He had an epiphany then and studied up on Agriculturalism and the legendary Shennong, taking to its tenets and believing an ideal leader listens to and works alongside the common man to understand their desires, rather than dominating them as he once did. No longer concerned about being a unique ninja unit among his comrades, Magna fights for the safety and prosperity of Chinese commoners, wishing to represent their interests as Ouroboros seeks to subjugate the Earth. Blunt and no-nonsense, Magna values self sufficiency and hard labor, with a particular disdain for super science and the excesses of the rich. He continues to serve in an espionage capacity but sometimes is placed as a trainer for new ninja. In battle he uses styles of ninjitsu and Chin Na that makes use of his multiple arms and tail, as well as poisons and his famed Magnet Mines, explosives that magnetically stick to many surfaces. In his off time he practices herbal medicine and acupuncture.


Ninjitsu, Acrobatics, Poison Fabrication, Gymnastics, Escape Artist, Fighting For The Common Man, Possible Siarnaq Understudy, From Zero To Anti-Hero?, Keep The Sirens Away, Special Snowflakes Are Overrated




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