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Magnet Man
Magnet Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Magnetic Disruption
Technical Specifications
Primary Magnet Missile
Type Explosive Force
Secondary Magnet Body
Type Force
Buster Colors Scarlet & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"All the world's a game, and I'm here to get the powerup and win!"


Magnet Man is a gamer. Created by Dr. Wily for unknown but presumably nefarious purposes, Magnet Man is a loyal Robot Master with one overwhelming obsession: games. Although he tends to focus on video gaming, Magnet Man will play anything and everything that crosses his path, from hardcore fighting games to poker, and is not adverse to trying to drag the other Robot Masters (or anyone else) into playing along with him. His collection is the largest in the world, all shielded against his magnetism, and Magnet Man actually seems to prefer older games to new (although not by much; he plays both with equal vigor). Despite his fixation, he's a useful and loyal Robot Master. Magnet Man tends to treat the real world as a game too, and one that he enjoys playing when he can; you can't beat the special effects on the explosions. Magnet Man learned most of what he knows from video games, which occasionally leaves the other Robot Masters wondering if he even knows the difference between them and reality. Like most of Wily's creations, Magnet Man has a useful ability. In his case, it's the ability to control intense magnetic fields, including using his magnet-tracking Magnet Missiles to attack.


Knowledge: Everything About Video Games, Knowledge: Magnetism, Knowledge: Ancient Trends, Cosplay, Going For The Stunt Bonus, Time Attack, Cardboard Box Stealth, Wily Hero In His Own Mind, High Score!, Getting Stuck To The Refrigerator




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