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To connect to M3 telnet into port 1997 You can also download a Game Client. These clients will give you easier access to the game instead of using the default telnet program for Windows/Mac.


Mega Man MUSH tells the story of a group of robots and humans fighting and surviving a twenty-year-plus war. The war began in a world that was experiencing a Second Renaissance of advances in science and technology. The advances of that golden age were turned toward war, which ravaged the world and caused the wholesale destruction of nations. A desperate humanity, tired of being caught in the middle between robot armies, has begun to arm itself again to try to end the war and secure its own destiny among the stars. Robotkind collectively also wishes to end the fighting, but sinister factions of villains have designs on the world -- and beyond. As threats come now from space and even outside this dimension, the universe is ripe for conquest or destruction... but some still hold out hope for an everlasting peace. Which side will you choose?

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Important Information

  • Guidelines - New users read this before posting!
  • Logs & Cut Scenes - If you have logs or cutscenes that you would like to share, please add them using the templates below! Remember to prefix the name of a log with 'Logs:' and a cutscene with 'Cut Scenes:' when you create a new page.

Consider adding other new pages to these lists as well.

Wiki Details

  • Logs can be edited using Form:Logs‎. Details within.
  • There are three templates for adding content to the wiki; Character, Log and Cut Scene.
    • To create a new page, first search to make certain there isn't a pre-existing page on the topic. If not, the search will give you the option to create a new page.
    • Use the appropriate infobox temlate if it's a character page, cut scene, or log.
    • Entries for the Lexicon should be marked with a category based on where they belong, for example, [[Category:Technology]]
  • When adding art, remember to tag it with the proper category.
    • [[Category:Official Art]] is for character art taken from Capcom, one of the games, or a licensed source like the manga or comics.
    • [[Category:Fan Art]] is for all other character art, including character art borrowed from other sources.
    • [[Category:Other Art]] is for logos, locations, pictures of non-character creatures like animals, and other miscellaneous art.
  • Pages flagged as stub need to be updated with more information. Enter 'stub' in the search bock to find Stubs.
  • Please refrain from creating new categories unless there is a good reason to do so. Factions, race types, and the like do not need a separate category.
  • If you're going to edit the page of a current OC or one whose player is still on the MUSH, please remember to ask that player unless the edit is purely minor, like fixing a spelling error. Even then, asking is the best policy.
  • It is M3's policy that every new player of a Feature Character has the right to define that character for themselves. Many players appreciate knowing what a character did and how they were played in the past, and therefore FC pages will often contain such information. However, no new player of a Feature Character is obligated to portray them as described here if it is not their wish to do so.
  • While levity is sometimes appropriate, please refrain from making joke edits or editorializing. The wiki is meant to be a serious tool for the game. We appreciate your discretion.