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Marko Golby
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Creator/s His parents.
Serial Number Nice try, phisher.
Faction Unified Army
Function Urban Specialist
Assignment Survive
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Urban Combat and Movement
Secondary Specialty Streetfighting, Street Magic
Weapons Machine Pistols, Semi-automatics, and his fists.
Primary Orbital Chokeslam
Type Physical
Secondary Fatal Terrain
Type Physical
Buster Colors Black & Green
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Speed means nothing if it's only on one plane. Think vertical."


Born to Romani parents, Marko Golby is a gypsy teen with a passion for parkour. A freerunner through and through, he's been climbing walls and running through city streets like a pro for over two years now, and he's only gotten better since his Strider heritage came to life. Hounded by Ouroboros agents brought on by his Strider father, he's managed to elude capture by Meio's forces thanks to his ability to blend into any crowd. A quick-change artist as well as a parkour enthusiast, he has a tendency to disappear when people aren't looking, and packs a mean right hook when it turns out they were. Though not formally trained in the Strider arts, he embraces his abilities, finding almost everything about his status as a Strider as a boon, rather than a hindrance or curse.


Freerunner, Urban Youth, Wallcrawler, Quick Change Artist, Knows These Streets Like The Back Of His Hand, Running Like He Stole Something, Knowledge: Urban Gangs, Streetfighter, Gypsy Ninja, Actually Not Really A Ninja, Well Okay Maybe An Urban Ninja, Catch Me If You Can, Obstacles Are Really More Like Suggestions, Trained By The Streets, Still Kind Of A Kid, Doesn't Swear, Crap Doesn't Count, Run, Marko, Run!, Jump, Gypsy, Jump!, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN



Marko has been receiving training from Pureri, Solo, and Hiryu. He asked to be trained by them. Not a day goes by where he wonders whether or not that was a good idea. Usually he asks himself this on days where the number of walls he's been thrown through is greater than one.

Marko does not swear. Mama wouldn't approve.

Marko is also nice to ladies. Mama taught him well.