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Personal Information
Real Name Marshall Rider
Code Name DRM-000
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s William and Naomi Rider
Birth Date March 08, 2206
Serial Number DRM-000
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Command
Function Australian Supersoldier
Assignment Star Force Commander
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Weapon Copy Combat
Secondary Specialty Superheroics
Weapons Yours
Primary Refractive Magnum
Type Force Energy
Secondary Voltaic Crash
Type Electric
Buster Colors White and Silver with a Red Scarf
OOC Information
Game Original Character
Voice Actor Rick Gomez
Theme Song Owl City - Alligator Sky (Single)

Character Data

"'Impossible' is just a word people say when something's hard. Nothing is impossible - just keep going until you find a way!"


Marshall Rider wants to be a hero more than anything else. Since the disappearance of his mother - archaeologist Dr. Naomi Rider - in 2216, the desire to be a hero has consumed him, pushed him forward, and driven him down his path. To that end, Marshall signed up for the ADF's Project DREAMTIME - a cybernetics conversion meant to produce a new kind of supersoldier for the ADF. Unbeknownst to Marshall, Project DREAMTIME was the project assigned to his father, Dr. William Rider; when the ADF accepted his volunteer request, he was the first converted, and only after the conversion was his request revealed to Dr. Rider. Since then, the two have grown steadily apart, and Marshall quickly wound up with a Repliforce commission in order to provide an effective stress test for Project DREAMTIME. An earnest, eager young man, Marshall wears his heart on his sleeve in his fighting and his social life, with a strong sense of justice and a love of pushing his own boundaries as far as they can go. Thanks to Project DREAMTIME, those boundaries have only gone up. But how far can Marshall push himself before he hits the wall?


Shonen Protagonist Man, I Wanna Be The One Who Fights For Justice, Never Give Up! Trust Your Instincts!, Volunteer Supersoldier, Adventurer, Spiral Power?!, No Drills In Sight - But Plenty Of Sunglasses, RIDER KICK Not Included, Martial Arts (Saikyo), Knowledge (Astronomy), Amateur Knowledge (Archaeology, Astrophysics, Cybernetics, Marine Biology, Paleontology), Sometimes All It Takes Is Faith, Fearless Can Be Bought As A Drawback Too, A Bed Is Reserved In Medical, Now I've Got Your Recolor!, Friendship Is The Strongest Force There Is


It started nine years ago. Nine years ago, archaeologist Dr. Naomi Rider - wife of Dr. William Rider and mother of Marshall Rider - disappeared, vanishing off the face of the Earth, after leaving her son with a final, cryptic message - look to the stars. While William was grief-stricken, plunging headlong into his cybernetics work and vanishing into the laboratory for many days at a time, Marshall took the opposite approach; deciding that he would one day find his mother, he began working fiercely, focusing on his schoolwork harder than ever before. Marshall worked ferociously for nine straight years, graduating school with excellent grades, and immediately applied for the ADF.

He was quickly accepted, his qualifications checking out, and started on the brutal training necessary for an ADF soldier to survive the harshness of the world. He kept this a secret from his father, however, knowing that the older man would never approve; William was too strung-out from Naomi's disappearance, too afraid of losing anyone else. Marshall, on the other hand, wanted nothing less than to be a hero; he had his mother's strong sense of justice, of course, but secretly he also believed that his mother had been involved in something dangerous, and wanted to do everything in his power to find her and reunite the broken family.

At the same time, Dr. William Rider's research had made leaps and bounds forward. With data on the Mimic System from Jeremy White, Dr. Rider was finally able to announce to the ADF that Project DREAMTIME was complete. Designed as a heavy cybernetics project, integrating the Mimic System with the user's neurological processes for maximum efficiency, DREAMTIME was also equipped with Rider's own research - the Ride Wheel system. The Ride Wheel system was the result of heavy research into energy generation; in order to compensate for the added stress on the cyborg's systems from Mimic, the Ride Wheel system draws power from kinetic and potential energy in the surrounding area, allowing for longer activation times and higher output with weaponry. Project DREAMTIME was accepted by the ADF, and immediately, volunteers were sought out as test subjects.

The call was put out, and Marshall jumped to answer it. He signed up for the project, certain that his qualifications were enough; he was in peak physical condition, he had had great grades, he was well-disciplined, and he was eager. And he was right; the ADF accepted his application, making him the first subject of Project DREAMTIME. However, the ADF kept this a secret from Dr. Rider; when his son stepped up as first in line to be converted, he was forced to go through with the procedure, transforming Marshall into the first member of Project DREAMTIME.

Unfortunately, the event drove a rift into the already unstable family; Marshall's desire to be a hero and find his mother crashed against William's desire to protect his son from the dangers of the world and keep Naomi's memory alive. Harsh words were exchanged, dishes were thrown, and Marshall found himself exiled from his own home. Marshall took up in an ADF bunker for the time, while William tried to come to grips with what his son had done and why. Shortly thereafter, Marshall was shipped off to join Repliforce. William has not had the courage to radio his son since; Marshall hasn't spoken to his father. With Project DREAMTIME now in field testing, William's career rides on his son's ability; Marshall's life rides on his father's project.


  • First IC Mimic: Depth Dragoon
  • First IC Deployment: Rock and Marshall vs. Grid Man and Magma Man
  • First IC Weapon Copy: Leviathan
  • Favorite Cross: Mega Cross
  • First IC Buster: Leviathan
  • Marshall's Buster Pack comes off. It is usually stored in subspace when he doesn't need it.
  • Roughly 70% of Marshall's body is cybernetic, mostly internal organs and bone reinforcement.
  • Favorite Superhero: Captain Commando



Leviathan: I'm trying to be a better person, so I can deserve you and protect you. I don't think I'm there yet. But I'm trying my best, and that must count for something.


Tennessee Ventura: Sometimes you just have to talk to people to make sure problems are resolved.

Depth Dragoon: One of my best buds.

Mac: My other best friend. Nobody I'm closer to, besides Helene.

Bud Bison: One of the best guys I've ever known. You're a bro, Bud Bison.

Jeremy White: It's like having an older brother who also looks at you like a hamster.

Rock: Everybody fails. It doesn't make you less of a hero or a person.

Chris Redfield: When your fists can break boulders, you're probably a pretty awesome dude.


Dad: Helene's helped me so much in getting past our issues. I know she's helped you, too. I'm glad to have you back in my life.

Captain Commando: I'm trying not to nerd out every time I'm hanging out with him.

Raziya Pakhom: Raz is pretty cool.

Prairie: My girlfriend's boss. And my CO. She's also pretty nice...she seems like she likes messing with Mr. White as much as Helene likes messing with me. They're kinda similar in a lot of ways, now that I think of it...I wonder if Mr. White and I are similar, too?

Geo Stelar: Shooting Star Rockman. I don't think I want that kind of responsibility. The power in his hands is too much.

Kelvin Stelar: Geo's dad. Space Science is awesome. He's promised he'll let me help when the Strange Particles are a little safer for use, too.

Marino: She seems nice. We didn't talk too much, though, she was just hanging out on the bleachers watching rugby.

Harpuia: I hear she's what having an annoying little sister's like. But her heart's in the right place, and I can't really dislike anybody who puts everything on the line the same way I do...

Dual: We touched minds when we were inside Midnight Epiphyllum's weird brain-control thing. He's...I don't know what to make of him, but I think he's probably a nice guy...I hope so, anyway. Anyone who likes freedom can't be that bad, can they?

Axl: We touched minds when we were inside Midnight Epiphyllum's weird brain-control thing. He's really cool. And he's pretty good at rugby, too.


Pretty Much Any Robot Master: Robot Masters. Bad people. Beat 'em down for everlasting peace.

Skull Man: Special Mention. Nobody messes with my country and gets away with it.

Atlas: Ideals are more dangerous than weapons, aren't they?

Prometheus: Going after my girlfriend just to get at somebody else? Nu-uh.


Yuri Dragunov: You know how Rock has Bass? It's almost exactly like that, except possibly a little bit more gay undertones. But he's not insurmountable. Just tough.



AMAKEN [The Cobratwisters - Rojiura No Uchuu Shonen]
Battle Theme [SRW OGs - Believe In Our Bonds]
Buster Jingle [SRW OGs - Everywhere You Go]
Captain Commando [Sonic Adventure 1 - Believe In Myself]
Ciel Mallory [Natsuko Aso - Music For Science And Magic]
Foreria [Man Of La Mancha - Life As It Is]
Halloween 2013 [Darkstalkers Opening]
Helene Sundstrand-Rider [I Fight Dragons - Fight For You]
Jeremy White [Portal 2 - Science Can Be Fun]
Mac [ROCKMAN HOLIC - Together As One ~featuring Nano]
Main Theme [Owl City - Alligator Sky]
Prairie [Dirge Of Cerberus OST - Mysterious Ninja]
Rock [I Fight Dragons - Move]
Search For Lemuria [Jo Blankenburg - Leaving Lemuria]
Star Force [Galaxy Rangers - No Guts No Glory]
The Future [Man Of La Mancha - The Impossible Dream/The Quest]
William Rider [Chris Cornell - You Know My Name]
Yuri Dragunov [Wild ARMs 2 - Knight Blazer]


Cut Scenes:Phone Home