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Marvin Thackery
Marvin Thackery.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Dead President
Technical Specifications
Primary Dangerous Rhetoric
Type Sonic
Buster Colors Red & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"Congress is not an ATM."


Marvin Thackery died as he lived; a patriot. His storied and controversial life led him through a variety of roles; a UN army officer, a UN senator, the governor of Alabama, the Democratic Senator from Alabama -- as well as husband, father and grandfather. Marvin Thackery rose to the Presidency by the valorous sacrifice of Dion Seers, who threw himself into the way of a laser shot fired by Cyber Peacock meant for himself. President Seers' death was the turning point in Marvin Thackery's life, who vowed to take back America from the robots who had overrun it once and for all. He undertook an extensive military campaign against Albert Wily in San Angeles that ultimately ended when the global emergency of 2221 forced American forces to go into a defensive posture. As the horror of the zombie apocalypse played out before him, Thackery was forced to confront his own role in creating the world he lived in. When Wily came to destroy Washington, Marvin Thackery fought alongside the Repliforce he once villified, repenting for his actions against them and Reploids. Marvin fought bravely, and in the end chose to sacrifice himself to protect Colonel from Wily's final attack. Thackery's legacy lives on -- but as a man whose strong moral convictions ultimately saw him seek unification and peace with robotic life rather than a politically motivated bigot.