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Personal Information
Race Esper
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Hacker
Technical Specifications
Primary Remote Charge
Type Explosive
Secondary Legend Of The S00per Hax
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Street Fighter Alpha 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"I don't think anybody needs to find out about that, do you?"


März is a dirty-minded hacker. Formerly of Germany, März was kidnapped by Shadaloo at a young age and conditioned into a psychic assassin. She found herself briefly rescued from Shadaloo by Cammy before escaping into the future with Luna Platz. März specializes in software, which acts as a complement to Enero's hardware-focused skillset. She is a non-linear creative thinker who can find a way to crash any program she encounters. An excellent judge of character, März fixates on the things people keep secret. Her obsession with profiling people has made her perverse, which can fluster more delicate members of the team. März delights in shocking people and loves elaborate practical jokes. März is the best at telepathy on the team but likes to pretend she knows more than she does to keep people off-balance.


Computers, Hacking, Knows Your Password, Knows Where Your Nude Selfies Are, Will Totally Tell Your Mom Unless You Do What She Says, I'm From The Internet And It's Something Terrible




Cut Scenes