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The Maverick Hunters were an elite paramilitary group based on a desire to protect the world and the flexibility to achieve the things that a larger, bulkier organization can not. While originally created in direct response to the growing Maverick threat, the Maverick Hunters fought all groups and powers that oppose the peace and stability of all beings, everywhere.

The Maverick Hunters held no allegiance to any world government or power, acting on their own accord in all matters and policing themselves. Despite the illegal nature of their vigilantism, they were welcomed (or at least tolerated) by others because of their willingness and ability to defend the world from those that threaten it.

The Hunters were a diverse group of beings from all walks of life, united in one common goal; the defense of all beings on the planet Earth. The Hunters tend to be more aggressive in their defense of the planet when compared to the Repliforce, due to both the size of the group and the mentality of 'the best defense is a good offense'.

Unlike other groups which recruit openly and accept most anyone willing to join, the Hunters typically got new members by way of invitation. To be offered an invitation to join the Hunters was generally considered to be a great honor. The Hunters typically observed potential members for several months to make sure that they would be willing to dedicate themselves to the cause and ensure that they weren't infiltrators from a rival faction.

The Maverick Hunters had several goals:

  • The protection of the free beings of the world, regardless of species or origin.
  • The eradication of the Maverick organization and ideology.
  • To bring Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters to justice.
  • To eliminate Ouroboros.

The Hunters had a looser rank structure then most similar group, with promotions based on merit and demotions fairly rare. Rank was based on a letter system, with E-Class Hunter trainees being the lowest and Special A, or SA-Class being the highest. Special A classification was rare, and often handed out posthumously.

For most of its history, the supreme commander of the Hunters was Mega Man, though leadership was held at times by both Protoman and Zero. When Protoman's behavior became a threat to the world in late 2220, Rock stepped down from command of the Hunters permanently, leaving it in the hands of long-term member Michael Eildath.

Being a diverse group brought together by a goal rather then a hard and fast ideal, the Hunters did not have a single, unifying mentality. Originally a tight-knit group held together by a kind of family mentality due to the work of Dr. Light, the Hunters became increasingly frayed over the years as internal struggles and pressure from the United Nations wore on the group.

With the group's direction in doubt and the public trust strained by the actions of Protoman in 2220 and Dr. Light's digital consciousness, the Hunters began to slowly drift apart. In September of 2224, Commander Eildath, after consultation with Durandal, Alloy, and Rock, decided that the time had come to end the organization.

Members of the Maverick Hunters drifted into Repliforce, TASC, 0th Unit, and Light Labs, with a few going completely independent.