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The Coalition for Reploid Freedom, known across the world as the Mavericks, are a terrorist organization devoted to reploid supremacy and human oppression. Their core tenet is that reploids are superior to humans, and that it is their fate to control the world.

In 2203, Dr. Sigmund Doppler invented the reploid, an easily-built, adaptive and intelligent robot mind that could be used to build an army to fight the Robot Masters. Within a year's time, reploids were the most common type of robotic life on Earth.

In their original role as soldiers, they formed the robotic army, Repliforce, and to lead them Dr. Doppler built his two finest creations: General and Sigma. However, as the war dragged on, resentment grew among the reploids about their role as cannon fodder for human wars.

In the end, the kidnapping of Iris on the eve of victory was the final straw, and Sigma's Maverick Squadron formed the initial members of what would become the Coalition: Boomer Kuwanger, Flame Mammoth, Launch Octopus, Flame Stag, Morph Moth, Crush Crawfish, Neon Tiger, and Armored Armadillo.

As time went on, civilian reploids joined disgruntled Repliforcers in the Coalition. The first five were Serges, a librarian, Violen, a composer, Agile, a mercenary, Cyber Peacock, a butler, and Magna Centipede, a factory worker.

In time, Dr. Doppler created warriors specifically to serve the Coalition, including Double, an infiltration unit, and Bit & Byte, who could merge and form the powerful Godmachine Binary.

On August 22, 2206, the first evidence of the Maverick Virus was discovered, sweeping the world in the fear that the Mavericks could infect anyone. In fact this was very far from the truth. The Maverick Virus was a programming backdoor left in the reploid AI by Dr. Doppler that would allow him to convert willing reploids into Mavericks, heightening their paranoia and hatred for humanity. Nevertheless, the Mavericks used the spectre of the virus to instill fear in humans all over the world.

In 2215, the Mavericks changed from terrorist organization to military state when their forces conquered Paris and Berlin, sweeping across much of Europe in the next few months. They spent years transforming the subcontinent into a robot-only land, humans exterminated or driven out by the Maverick hordes.

This state persisted until 2217 when, using Berkana's research into the DNA Soul, Dr. Light and Gate discovered the true nature of the Maverick Virus, 'curing' it. Then, in an all but suicidal assault, Blues of the Maverick Hunters unleashed his full fury on Sigma, destroying him.

Doppler recovered and restored Sigma's badly damaged neural net, but in doing so accidentally created a new virus, a true infectious plague that became known as the Sigma Virus. Now able to actually infect innocent reploids, the Coalition gained the power they had always claimed to have.

Humanity struck back. In 2218, the United Nations sent a battalion of humans in power armor to strike at the Mavericks. Storming Normandy Beach, both armies fought until the ground was dark with bodies. It was a disaster for both sides, and the crippled Maverick war machine retreated to Berlin, where Repliforce and Maverick Hunter forces were able to drive them into hiding in mid-June.

The Mavericks, now in hiding, pooled their resources to create a flying fortress known as the Raptor II, a mobile base from where they could strike anywhere. However, tragedy again befell the Coalition.

In August of 2219, it became clear to the Mavericks Lumine, Boomer Kuwanger, and Storm Eagle that the Sigma Virus was destroying Sigma. In the aftermath of an attempt by the Umbrella corporation to slaughter the reploid population with a form of the Sigma Virus known as the Genocide Virus, a cure for the Sigma Virus was created by Doctors Cain and Light of the Maverick Hunters and Berkana and Prismatic Spider of Repliforce.

In light of what had happened and the growing insanity in Sigma, who was lashing out violently against his own people in an attempt to make them fight humans, Lumine staged a coup, driving Sigma from the Raptor II and wresting control of the Coalition from him. Over the next week, Sigma and the few Mavericks still loyal to him rampaged across Australia, slaughtering indiscriminately.

On August 25, Sigma assassinated the leaders of Australia, prompting swift action by the armies of the world. In a massive battle, the rookie Maverick Hunter Axl struck the final blow with a copy of Sigma's own blade, enhanced with the Sigma Virus cure, and slew the tyrant. Lumine descended upon the fatally wounded Sigma and took the remnants of the Sigma Virus into himself, solidifying his claim on the throne of the Coalition.

The Maverick cause began to disintegrate after the curing of the Sigma Virus, and many Mavericks insinuated themselves into Epsilon's Irregulars. Eventually they conquered the Irregular faction from within, but this failed to revitalize the group, which continued to diminish.

The Mavericks, directionless, insinuated themselves into the Able 2 project, capturing the city from Scarface and taking it as their base. While there, Lumine was corrupted by the FMian General Auriga. The Mavericks were eventually wiped out by a massive allied strike, and the organization was destroyed.