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The Necromancer
Metal Shark.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Metal Shark
Code Name Necromancer
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date June 2215
Faction Mavericks
Function Necromancer
Technical Specifications
Primary Metal Anchor
Type Physical
Secondary Rakukojin
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song

Character Data

"Do you ever wonder what 'garbage' feels like when it is thrown away? Why not ask my friend here? They seem to know you well."


A manipulative Reploid, Metal Shark enjoys nothing more than playing with the minds of his victims. Especially frugal, he is fond of reusing old parts and components in his work. Armed with solid holograms, he utilizes them as a means of attack while projecting gruesome images upon them, often that of fallen comrades of the enemy, in hopes of weakening their resolve. His technical skill is such that he can create reasonable facsimiles of a departed figure of the Robot Wars by creating an android mind that (poorly) pretends to be them. However, they are rarely any smarter than a stereotypical zombie, nor anywhere near as strong as the original due to the cheap parts and garbage often employed in their creation. Though he abhors personal combat, he can hold his own with his metal anchor by either throwing it or wielding it on a chain. Despite his namesake, he is unable to maneuver in water due to his poor internal sealing, but he is able to burrow through loose dirt and piles of junk with an ease that few others of the capability can match. His comrades find him creepy, and are wary about him turning them into an experiment if they are near death's door.


Knows His Three Rs, Obscure Celebrity Trivia, Compulsive Autobiography Reader, Dark Humor, Sick Jokes, Spooky, I See Dead People, Has Never Heard Of Paint Jobs, I <3 Junk, Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game... Of Death


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  • 2223-01-05: Landshark - Shield Shellfish and Blaze Heatnix team up to kill Metal Shark -- their brother.