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Michael Eildath
...and the Gunslinger followed.
...and the Gunslinger followed.
Personal Information
Real Name Michael Lee Eildath
Code Name Immortal
Race Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Edward Eildath & Julia Coleman
Birth Date June 4, 2182
Death June 8, 2213, March 8, 2217
Serial Number 452-75-2435
Faction Unified Army
Divisions COMMANDO
Function Gunslinger
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Expert Marksman
Secondary Specialty Ace Pilot
Weapons E:C-PA4 "Drexel," SH-004bm "Dirty Sanchez," ALB-8C "Lone Ranger", Cossack .75, Can'-ka No Rey, Chrono Trigger
Primary Can'-ka No Rey
Type Physical
Secondary Chrono Trigger Shot
Type Energy
Buster Colors Blue & Grey
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Sam Trammell
Theme Song Livin' on the Edge - Aerosmith

Character Data

"Revenge is like an uncontrolled flame; it burns more than what was intended, or wanted."


His family slain by the Robot Master Fire Man, Michael Lee Eildath has been involved in the Robot Wars since the very beginning. As a soldier, then a police officer, he at first sought only vengeance or death, but a brush with mortality set him on a path that led to the Maverick Hunters. A member and later leader of the group, he served until its disbanding in late 2224. Afterwards, he accepted an invitation to serve as a member of TASC. Rational (some might say cynical) but easy-going, Mike has a wry sense of humor and a healthy dose of sarcasm for life's many difficulties. One of the world's best pilots, Michael is able to operate practically any vehicle ever fielded, in addition to training in pyrotechnics and demolitions. In combat, he frequently fields cutting-edge power armors designed by Durandal. Mike's reputation for cheating death has become something of a legend, though he sometimes resents having outlived so many friends and loved ones. He is fiercely protective of those he still has, in particular his daughter, Karen.


Playing Guitar, Games, Music Aficionado, Pyrotechnics, Starting Fires, Scathing (Oooh, Big Word) Sarcasm, Martyr Fetish, Operating Vehicles Cooler Than The Family Sedan, Withstand Hellish Agony, Running Blindly Into Eternal Damnation (Because You Think You Can Win), Intimidating Stare, Grim Servant O' Death, Nerves O' Steel, Don't Get 'Im Riled, Better Mecha Pilot Than Those Losers On Gundam Wing, Star-Crossed, Languages And Mumbled Slang (English, Spanish, Japanese), Can Order Food And Find The Bathroom In Chinese & Russian, Amateur Therapist, Repair/Modify Ride Chaser, Wedge Antilles, But With Angst, 'I'm Michael Eildath, And I Can Breathe In Space', IMMORTAL


Birth & Childhood

Michael Lee Eildath was born June 4th, 2182 to Edward and Julia Eildath, the second of three children. Born in eastern Kentucky, he moved to San Angeles at the age of six after his father was transferred by his company.

Mike played baseball, alternating between right field and pitching until he joined the varsity team at Arnold Schwarzenegger High School in the Hollywood hills, pitching full-time until the end of his high school career. There was some talk of a possible baseball scholarship, but Mike was set on going into medicine: baseball was just a hobby.

Mike had an active social life, staying close to his brothers, Andrew and Bradley, and his two best friend Jeremy Robers and Robert Heim. He met his girlfriend, Andrea Jacobson, in eighth grade. Their relationship was serious enough that Mike had bought an engagement ring, intending to propose after graduation. He never had the chance.

San Angeles & After

When the Robot Masters attacked San Angeles on January 27th, 2200, Mike's family was one of the many caught in the crossfire. Hiding in their home and praying the army would be able to stop the onslaught, their hopes were dashed four days later as Fire Man's forces swept through the neighborhood. Michael's older brother and mother were killed in the initial attack and he was separated from his little brother, Bradley, believing him to be dead as well. His father attempted to fight off Fire Man, only to be thrown and broken against the ruins of their home. Mike dragged his father to safety after Fire Man left, and he spent the next nine days surviving on whatever he could find, trying to keep his father alive. It was during this time he saw Break Man for the first time, though the mysterious robot did not harm or betray them.

The two were eventually rescued, but Edward's wounds were too severed, and he died several days later, beseeching Mike from his deathbed not to lose himself in hate. Mike would ignore request this for many years. Given into the care of his maternal grandparents, he returned to Kentucky for the last few months of high school.

Putting on a brave face to mask his depression from his grandparents, Mike accepted a scholarship to the University of Kentucky, but his work suffered almost immediately. He turned to drugs and alcohol, binge drinking between bouts of suicidal depression. Late in the fall he met Julie Russell, who took pity on him and took it upon herself to try and salvage him. Using their shared love of Stephen King's The Dark Tower to insinuate herself into his life, she kept him away from drugs and drink and helped him to pass all but one of his classes.

Over Christmas break, Mike sunk into depression without Julie's guidance, dropping out of his classes shortly after the beginning of the new semester. Julie did what she could to prove her devotion to Mike, but the awkward, uncomfortable sex that followed only made things worse. Mike ran away, nearly committing suicide over his parents' graves, and signed up with the army without speaking to her again. Nine months later, she gave birth to his daughter, Karen.

Mike was not an ideal soldier, racking up time in the brig for a drunk and disorderly in his first year. On the second anniversary of his parents death he went AWOL and spent the night at the grave again. He spent a week in the stockade, then was transferred to Lu Zhou Base in China. He served as a hovertransport pilot for the 14th Infantry until the return of the Robot Masters, when he volunteered for a reassignment to a Rapid Robot Master Response Platoon in the 42nd Infantry. Assigned to a hovertank, he was deployed repeated to the Chinese front to defend against Dr. Wily's resurgent armies. He took every voluntary training assignment he could, including Zero-G combat training in Seoul.

His demons, however, would not stay quiet, and on February 1st in 2203 he found himself AWOL at his parents' graves again, this time shooting himself in the head. Only the intervention of his grandparents saved his life, and his CO covered up his disappearance for reasons Mike was never privy to.

His grandparents died that year, two months apart, leaving Mike with no family save his cousin, Rodney. His soul even more darkened by grief, he threw himself recklessly into the war. On May 29th he single-handedly took out a Robot Master position by ramming a Pickeldozer with his tank and gunning down its Joe escort, and on July 1st he rescued a group of Buddhist monks from a surprise attack, getting a reprimand for fighting Joes hand-to-hand.

On August 3rd, however, he earned the nickname that has stuck with him for the rest of his life. A wrong turn led his platoon into an ambush, an opening salvo disabling his hovertank. With a heavy machine gun borrowed from a wounded comrade, Mike single-handedly held the line to cover his group's retreat while Joes swarmed his crippled tank. Somehow he managed not only to survive, but stay conscious long enough to make it back to base and apologize for destroying the machine gun. He spend a week in medbay recuperating, and from then on was known as 'Immortal' by his unit.

Civilian Life

On November 17th of 2203, Robot Master forces launched a sneak attack on Mike's unit, resulting in the death or disabling of more than three quarters of the platoon. Mike and three other soldiers defend the wounded for an hour, buying time for Repliforce to mount a rescue. This is the beginning of the end of his military career, and Mike accepts a voluntary discharge at the end of the year.

A civilian once more, Mike spends Feburary 1st of that year at the cemetary once again, falling asleep at the grave and catching pneumonia. While convalescing he realizes the need to move on, so he leaves his grandparents' home for an apartment in Bluegrass City, signing on with the local fire department. Several months in, someone points out that his military experience would make him a better fit in the police force. He resigns in September and enters the Kentucky State Police Academy.

In February of 2205 Mike officially joins the Bluegrass City Police Department, and is by all accounts a model officer, save for an off-duty public intoxication charge following a raucous party to celebrate the defeat of the Robot Masters in November. He earns a commendation for bravery soon after. saving a busload of kids from a drive-by shooter by crashing his car into the felon's. Over the next year his attitude improves, continuing his exemplary work with the force and even being allowed to train with a Ride Armor that was loaned to the BCPD for evaluation.

In 2208 Mike spends a month undercover at the UK campus, trying to infiltrate and stop a marijuana smuggling operation. For the first time, he forgets the anniversary of his parents' deaths, and the sudden realization coupled with the stress of his assignment sends him into shock. Delirious, he wanders into a fight between an off-duty Repliforce officer and a human, taking the reploid for a Robot Master and attacking him. The drunk Repliforcer defends himself, blasting Michael with an electric weapon and nearly ending his life.

The Next Stage

Mike wakes up in the hospital alone after half a month in a coma. Realizing that his unresolved grief nearly killed him, he finally begins to put the ghosts of his past behind him. He takes counselling while undergoing rehab, spending the next five months putting his mental and physical affairs in order. He returns to the force in July, pushing himself to excel. He goes into SWAT training and begins to learn explosives, amassing an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject - though police work rarely gives him a chance to show it off.

His visits to the graves of his family diminish, and he travels in his spare time. He returns to San Angeles and visits the graves of his old friends, ensuring they have proper markers. On June 30th of 2210, he leaves an engagment ring on Andrea's grave to celebrate her birthday, an act of remembrance he continues for the next fifteen years.

Mike is stunned when the Robot Masters return later that year (and earns a quiet reprimand after hitting the bottle in anger). However, the rise of the Maverick Hunters to fight this threat puts a new idea in his head - a way he can help defend the world. In February of 2211 he resigns from the BCPD, moving to Japan in an attempt to join the Maverick Hunters.

For the next several month Mike throws himself into intensive training, though his zeal to join puzzles the Hunters, whose only human members are the doctors. However, his perseverance pays off, and on June 21st, 2211, he is inducted into the group and placed in Magma Dragoon's Dragonfire Squadron. He is an odd fit with the group, clashing almost immediately with the other new recruit, Zero. Mike is distrustful of the former Robot Master, though not of Protoman, though he remained distant from the aloof android. They would not discuss their past meeting for several years.

Death, But Not For You

Michael is nearly killed when the Stardroids appear in 2212. He's rescued from the aftermath of the battle by the Maverick agent Double, who 'bravely' fights off a holographic duplicate of his own Maverick alter-ego. This convinces Mike of Double's fealty for years to come. He is nearly killed again several months later, fighting off Frost Man during an attack to free Dr. Wily from military custody.

The next February, Mike is attacked by Snake Man while visiting his parents' graves, poisoned and left for dead by the Robot Master. He spends the next week delirious from the poison, wandering across the country in a daze, only to find further confusion when two alternate versions of Rock appear in a teleporter accident. Snake Man continues to feud with Mike, making a second attempt on his life with poison several months later.

As a Maverick Hunter he excels, earning joint command of the training division, Phoenixflame Squadron, with his friend Seminole. He also learns of the survival of his brother, Bradley, during a riot in Neo-Tokyo. Bradley had been adopted by another family, and Mike had spent thirteen years thinking his brother was dead. Unfortunately, Bradley had become a violent anti-robot activist, accusing Michael of abandoning him.

On June 8th Mike is killed during an attack by the Stardroid Saturn, who sucks Mike into a gravitic vortex and opens his mind to the whole of creation for a brief, terrifying moment. Zero resuscitates Michael, but the attack plagues him with intense nightmares for years afterward.

When the Stardroids judge the world, Mike fights them on the front lines, finding himself thrown into conflict with Jupiter. The strange Stardroid gives them baubles that are seemingly from another reality: toys of Rock and Snake Man seemingly made centuries earlier, and a strange game called Mega Man 2. Mike and Mac teamed up to defeat Jupiter, refusing to bow to the Stardroids incitement to violence, their offer of friendship causing him to self-destruct.

After the defeat of the Stardroids, Mike wins a gold racing in the inaugural Battle and Chase, riding in the Phoenixflame Inferno, a rebuilt Russian tank that he later gives to the Maverick Hunters to rebuild into a combat vehicle.

The joy of victory and the defeat of the Stardroids is darkened when Bradley joins Kaust Losstaret's Children of Eve, setting the two brothers even further apart. He spends much of 2214 fighting to save him, eventually saving his now cyborg brother from Losstaret and defending him from an assassination attempt by Dr. Landon DeVry. Bradley goes into hiding, not wanting to face the law for his crimes.

All Good Things...

In 2214 Mike also meets Kendra Njara, his first relationship since his disastrous encounter with Julie years before. Their romance blossoms during the troubles of that year, but sadly their careers pull them apart. They make several attempts to rekindle the romance over the years, but it never works out. Mike never finds out about her role as a part of the Musica Guard.

In February, the Mavericks frame Repliforce for an attack on San Angeles, setting of a devastating war that nearly destroys the reploid army. Forced into conflict with his former allies, Michael accidentally kills Cryogen Bison during an attack on Repliforce Island. In the aftermath of the battle he storms out of the Maverick Hunters, and spends the rest of the conflict doing humanitarian work in San Angeles. When Repliforce is exonerated and Double's duplicity revealed he returns to the group, only to find himself thrust into temporary command as both Rock and Zero take leave from the group.

Later that year, Seminole is killed fighting Vile, leaving Michael in sole command of Phoenixflame Squadron. He is later promoted to XO of the Hunters, though he soon steps down to take command of their new base, a reclaimed World War III battleship on Asuncion Island, the Fort Sam Houston.


Mike spends 2215 fighting the spread of Robot Master and Maverick forces into Africa and Europe. He wins another gold in the third Battle and Chase, of the few bright spots in a dreary year. He also sponsors Kalinka Cossack into the Maverick Hunters, a decision that comes back to haunt him a year later when she masterminds an attempt to assassinate Interpol director Adrian Vorlaikal. When the Stardroids return that fall, a trip to Starhaven with Kalinka turns disastrous when the sudden appearance of a massive image of the galaxy triggers a flashback to his death by Saturn, giving Mike a heart attack and somehow causing some his hair to turn permanently white.

In 2216 he goes undercover in the Balkans, infiltrating a group of anti-Maverick rebels known as the Skinners to rally support for a strike against the Maverick occupation in Europe. During this time he meets Elpizo, a man soon to gain prominence as the leader of Neo Arcadia.

The Desperado

Mike is nearly killed that fall by a Robot Master attack, nearly dying of blood loss on the operating table. Soon after he and Hunter tech Wildrider begin designing the Deperado power armor, soon to be Michael's weapon of choice in the continuing war against the Robot Masters.

On March 8th, 2217, Mike is killed during the assault that destroys Light Labs, his heart ripped from his chest by Gemini Man. He is revived by the quick work of Revenant Cobra, and Dr. Cossack spirits him away to Switzerland, where doctors clone a new heart for him on Pavel's dime. Renewed and restored, the procedure also dulls the torment of his earlier death by the Stardroids, though not completely.

He goes undercover in Mexico the next month to investigate the rising Neo Arcadian movement, coming into conflict with Elpizo, who desires Mike's DNA for their human enhancement process. At the same time, the tenuous truce between Neo Arcadia and the United Nations brings the Hunters to Mexico for a drunken night that ends with Michael in bed with Fairy Leviathan. They have a brief relationship during the Battle & Chase ceasefire, but Mike realizes there is little he can do to save Ulianna from herself - they part ways without animosity, but with regret on both sides.

In 2218, Mike helps establish the Tower of Light in Minnesota, the facility becoming the new Hunter base when Maverick spy Shadow and Hunter turncoat Foucalt destroy both the Fort Sam Houston and the Hunter listening post beneath Tartarus. This is an emotional blow to Michael, who counted Foucalt and his brother Durandal among his closest friends. He nearly leaves the group soon after when Dr. Light lets a supposedly-reformed Dr. Wily work with him again.

A personal high note for 2218 is the liberation of Europe. Mike plants the explosives to destroy the foundations Maverick Spire, which falls after a barrage of firepower from his allies.

In October he meets Sarah Henderson, one of Light's interns, after a BASE jump from the Space Elevator. They have a quiet relationship for some time after that, falling apart slowly as Mike's mistrust of Light grows.

"I am in the West."

In 2219, Mike is the first human to step on Martian soil, beating Dr. Wily by minutes. His first words are from Stephen King: "This is it... I am in the West." He nearly dies in the battle against Patriarch - it will not be the last time the two clash. Later that year he takes part in the concert that imprisons the seemingly unkillable Ra Moon. With the support of the Bandroids, he plays KISS's God Gave Rock & Roll To You II, adding an intro originally performed by Steve Vai for Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

His resentment against Dr. Light grows as the doctor defends Blues's misdeeds as a Blackguard. He accepts the judgment of the Hunters in accepting Blues again, but he never truly tursts Dr. Light again. This growing isolation leads him to take work with the Australian Defense Force, helping to train their power armor troops. As the year nears its end, however, Mike takes a hard line against Blues, voting for his expulsion from the Hunters when it becomes clear that Blues refuses to play by the rules. Rock steps down from Command in response, leaving Mike in charge of the group. He reluctantly takes command, saddled with not only the threat of Blues but the splinter group Gospel, culminating in an ultimatum that ends with Alloy and Nana leaving to support Charlie Archer's pirates.

Mike works himself to exhaustion as Protoman's attack plunges the world into chaos, directing relief efforts as well as the Hunter response to Alexia Ashford and Dr. Weil. He ends up in traction after a mission to Spain, and spends the end of the war with Ashford in a hospital bed, wracked with guilt as good Hunters die saving the world, as well as his old flame, Fairy Leviathan, who dies trying to save her fellow Guardians and Mike's brother, Bradley, from The Professor's baleful influence.

When Dr. Light dies and the Alphas redeem themselves, Mike is forced to deal with Fire Man. His hatred of the robot that killed his parents conflicts with the knowledge that he had been reprogrammed to do so. They reach an uneasy trust, but he remains uncomfortable around the Alphas as they try to reintegrate into normal society. After the return of Dr. Light as a digital ghost, Mike remains mistrustful of him, a feeling that never truly goes away.

The Incinerator

In June, Mike is trained to pilot a new power armor, designed by Durandal using technology from the COMMANDO team of years past. He is personally evaluated by Super Joe before being allowed to use the new suit. He immediately puts it to use, helping the Blue Men take back San Angeles from Robot Master control.

When the Irregulars fall apart after Lumine's coup, Mike invites several of them to remain with the Hunters, including the wayward son of Sewa and Roll, Scarface.

In October, Michael is thrown into battle with Bradley once more, his brother serving in Ouroboros after the end of the Ashford war. Bradley ignores Mike's pleas to return, shooting his brother in the face. Enraged, Mike unleashes the full fury of his current power armor, the Incinerator, on his brother, kiling him in a rush of flame. With Bradley's death, Michael is truly the last Eildath.

Crossing The Line

Mike continues to serve as the commander of the Hunters into 2222, fighting Nazi werewolves, the floating Grave stronghold of "Z", and destroying the Robot Master base of Skull Quentin. He continues to train with his new armor, and is evaluated once again by Super Joe, who finally reveals his identity to Mike after a battle that turns a stretch of Egyptian desert into glass. He is deemed worthy to wear the armor permanently, a note of personal pride to have the approval of the Rocket Commando.

In July, Mike tracks down Patrick Spriggs, a teenage terrorist acting under the alias of Polaris. He gives chase to the young man, only to find himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Not knowing that Patrick is bluffing, Mike tries to take his life. He misses, but only due to the interference of Nicole, but the knowledge that he was prepared to kill a child shakes him badly.

The Immortal

Mike nearly dies again in February of 2223, exposed to open space defending the Space Elevator from a reborn Vile. This is the beginning of the warp with the FMians. In mid-March, he helps to save Kalinka Cossack from the FMian Lepus Swift, reestablishing their friendship and helping support her as she stepped back from her life of excess.

In mid-May, the Hunters agree to help a young woman protect herself against what she believes is a mod hitman. When he throws himself in the path would-be assassin Black Joe the girl screams, "DAD, NO!" As Bomb Man collars the assassin, Mike is left in shock as he learns for the first time that this is his daughter, Karen. They get to know each other over the next few months, where he learns of Julie's death and the years he never knew. Karen takes an internship with the Hunters, much to Mike's dismay, and they become close, happy to have each other.

As the FMian war intensifies, Mike comes into conflict with Patriarch once more, the Blackguard tormenting him by making him relive his encounter with Saturn ten years earlier. Recovering from Patriarch's attack, Mike continues to fight as the war builds to a head, helping defeat the cybernetic ressurection of Adolf Hitler. He is helpless, however, to save Gaus Magrevich as he dies at the hands of Miss Millions. Saddened by the loss of his mentor, he throws himself back into the fight, defending the ships of Project Dandelion as they flee Earth. He witnesses the heroic sacrifice of Tabea Klein, taking news of her heroic sacrifice to her family.

As the world recovers Mike meets Repliforce scientist Irene Davis, a relationship between the two slowly building over the next year. It is not to last, Irene's paranoia and dedication to her work driving a wedge between them that ends in their breakup in 2225.

The Last Days Of The Hunters

Societal and internal pressure begins to wear at the Hunters, by now a group that has outlived the Mavericks by several years. Mike spends more and more time working with TASC, taking a personal hand in the training of Tukiyo Kaminari, the young woman and latest wearer of the Rocket Commando armor. Much to her chagrin, he puts her through the same rigorous training that Gaus did for him.

In July Mike heads to the ruins of New Orleans to combat a virulent black mold possessed by a sapient force known as the Tzaarath. It does battle with Eliodoro Sandoval, separating the Roman Catholic priest from his weapon, the fabled Spear of Destiny. Mike grabs the spear and attacks the mold, and what happens next he can't explain. The spear slips from his hands due to the machinations of Video Man, but Mike finds himself at the edge of the battlefield, stripped of his power armor but alive and unharmed.

The E:C-PA4 "Drexel"

Durandal is displeased with the destruction of the Immortal power armor, giving him a hot pink Mark IV while he builds a replacement, calling it the Dirty Sanchez. Despite Mike not being at fault, he bears the punishment armor with grace until Durandal delivers his new armor, the Drexel.

In September, Mike crashes his ride chaser during a night joyride at the Brickyard. While repairing his battered Harley, he and Durandal discuss the slow decline of the Hunters, and decide that its time to close up shop. Conferring with Rock and Alloy, they end the Hunters, and the group goes their separate ways.

Agent Of TASC

Mike finds a new home in TASC, serving under Joseph Gibson and his old Hunter friend, Durandal. In November, his mind is nearly broken when the rogue Wily drone, Master Albert, unleashes a weapon that pulls Michael into Subspace. He spends two days lost in the voice, locked in combat with nameless things, only to emerge with a crash into Teresa Magrevich's dinner table in Avalon. She defuses a tense moment between him and her husband, Gemini Man, then helps him return home.

In January of 2226 he meets the Irregular Pink Skald, one of Prismatic Spider's children. Her inquisitive nature quickly leads to friendship as he teaches the young reploid about humanity. These 'lessons' soon become something more, and a relationship blooms between the two over the following months. She proposes to Mike several months later, but Mike declines - he's afraid for her, knowing the fate of those who get close to him, and he's not yet ready. She accepts this, and their relationship continues.

Mike continues to serve with TASC, attempting to take Jack Hunter under his wing much as he did Tukiyo, but the young man's anger soon drives him from the group and into the more proactive arms of Greymalkin.

In 2227 Mike assists in the extradimensional journeys to recover the kidnapped Sonia Strumm. He sees many things: fighting the Tarrasque on Mystara, fighting the evil version of his old friend Durandal over a war-ravaged world, fighting Xenomorphs in past Detroid, and traveling to the Marvel Universe and standing tall against the planet-devourer, Galactus. Following Sonia's rescue, he and Pink Skald spend some time in Mystara, charting a road linking Foreria with the strange series of countries that refer to themselves as the Known World.

In 2228 Mike donned a new set of armor, officially the Rocket Commando Mark IV. Embracing the role that Gaus had filled until his death, He became the new Rocket Commando.

War's End

In 2230, Mike attended negotiations to bring an end to the conflict between the UN and Ouroboros. Despite an attack by extradimensional foes, peace was finally made between the two warring powers. With the Earth no longer under constant threat of conquest and the birth of the Unified Army, the Robot Wars officially came to an end. Mike continues to serve as a veteran soldier, the Rocket Commando, and a trainer for up and coming soldiers. He remains uneasy at the alliance, however, knowing that the peace between the UN and Ouroboros and the former Mavericks and Neo Arcadians among them is precarious at best. Only time will tell if this is the brighter future Cinnamon is trying to achieve.

And so his story continues...

Rocket Commando Mark IV


  • Mike has officially been killed twice. He got better.
  • Mike's older brother, Andrew, had a band called Gunslinger. He published his brother's work posthumously, and was pleasantly surprised when it charted.
  • He once had his skin surgically regrown after walking through a Fire Storm by Fire Man.
  • His cat, Andante, likes everyone except Mike, but is nevertheless very protective of him.
  • Mike once passed out from blood loss rather than surrender a position to the enemy.
  • He BASE jumped from the Space Elevator.
  • Mike attended Arnold Schwarzenegger High School, home of the Terminators.
  • His number in baseball was #77.
  • Were it not for the Robot Wars Mike would have become a doctor. He once visited an alternate reality where this actually happened.
  • Mike resents being called 'Immortal.' The idea of living forever terrifies him.
  • He once threw a train.
  • Mike's Maverick Hunter ID was MVH 083.
  • Mike uses Stephen King's gunslinger catechism as a calming tool while shooting. He taught it to Axl when training him.

I do not aim with my hand;
He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.
I do not shoot with my hand;
He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.
I do not kill with my gun;
He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.


Beard's Going Nowhere

Command Notes

The dude isn't human, I'm convinced of this, and if he is, he's the main reason I have as much respect for humans as I do. I've seen this guy go into places where not even a fully decked out military reploid would want to trek, and come back out with a smile. Great with a Ride Armor as well, and always has the proper amount of motivation and enthusasm necessary to be a good Hunter. Very approachable leadership style, and an invaluable experienced Hunter. If all of the Hunters put in the 150 percent that Mikey does, we would've won this thing three years ago. -Zero



Cut Scenes

  • 2200-02-01: Twenty-Five Years And A Lifetime Ago - The story of Michael Eildath's past.
  • 2222-07-12: No More No More - Mike deals with crossing the line he said he'd never cross.
  • 2222-07-28: Crash Landing - Mike has a random encounter after a battle with Gemini Man.
  • 2222-11-29: Thanksgiving - Mike visits his cousin for the holidays.
  • 2223-06-30: The Wheel of Ka - Mike and Karen talk about his past.
  • 2223-09-07: More Light - Patriarch brings old nightmares back to the surface of Mike's consciousness.
  • 2224-02-01: Twenty-Four Years - Mike reflects on his life in the Robot Wars.
  • 2224-09-15: Mid-Life Crisis - The end of the Hunters begins with an accident.
  • 2224-10-19: Princess Quorra - Mike has a chat with his daughter after she sneaks off with Ken Heisei.
  • 2227-03-30: Resumption - Michael Eildath woolgathers on his life and what's to come.
  • 2227-05-21: A Letter - Michael writes a letter.