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Michelle Heart
Standard 2220s Fashion
Standard 2220s Fashion
Personal Information
Real Name Michelle Heart
Code Name Captain Heart
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Birth Date April 5, 2199
Faction Unified Army
Divisions TASC
Function Ares Liason
Assignment Colony Liason
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Leadership
Secondary Specialty Aerial Combat
Weapons Customized Rifle w/ Flame Projector, Air-to-Surface Charges
Primary Firebird Strike
Type Fire
Secondary Wing Rifle
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red & White
OOC Information
Game Legendary Wings
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale
Theme Song Legendary Wings, Stage 1

Character Data

"Whatever it takes, I will protect my people."


The Captain of the UNS Legendary, Michelle Heart was the leader of a group of hardy colonists, dispatched by the UN during the war with the FMians as part of Project Dandelion. Successfully evading the FMian army and fleeing to a distant world, she become the relucant leader of her colony as they explore the planet they've called Ares and its strange alien ruins. Following the defeat of the Martian AI know as DARK, she stepped down from command of the colony to become Ares's liason with Earth, and later became part of the Unified Army. A dedicated and devoted leader, she allowed herself to be cybernetically modified, grafting her FlapPack to her body to give her functional wings, giving her unparalelled mobility in the air. Friendly and charismatic, she's a natural leader and an inspiration to all of her colony.


Questionable Fashion Sense, Aerobatics, Leads From The Front, No Body Shame, Military Tactics, Explorer, Born To Fly


Michelle Heart was born just before the beginning of the Robot Wars, one of the first generation to grow up having never known true peace. Born in the Netherlands, her father was killed during the Maverick occupation of Europe, and Michelle fled to Eurasia Station with her mother. She volunteered for military service as soon as she was old enough, rising through the ranks as a UN peacekeeper until the disaster of Ragnarok. Her mother was one of the victims of Dr. Weil's takeover of Eurasia.

Shortly after Ragnarok, Michelle was approached to join Project Dandelion. With no living relatives, she had no hesitation in signing up, though she never suspected the project would actually go into action. Assigned to the UNS Legendary, she and her crew broke through the FMian blockade and escaped. Landing on the planet they came to call Ares in the fall of 2223, she spent the next seven years as the de facto leader of Legendary Colony. Two years later, they took an unusual step - Michelle and several of her security crew had the FlapPacks they had brought to recon installed as cybernetic upgrades. Calling themselves the Wings, they became the primary defense and recon force for the colony - and they soon found they would need it.

Soon after landing, the colonists of Legendary had become aware that their planet had been inhabited before - ruins that appeared to be Martian were discovered in various locations, long abandoned but remarkably well-preserved. Five years into the life of the colony, they began to see signs that the planet was not as empty as they thought - reaverbot drones began attacking, and soon they found themselves under siege by the drones.

In early 2230, Michelle and her crew restored what was left of their ship into (barely) flightworthy condition, sending Michelle's XO, Kevin Walker on a desperate mission back to Earth - a planet they were not all certain was still free. Rescued from reaverbot attack by members of Versus and Star Force, Kevin led them back to Ares, where they discovered their assailant was a rogue Martian AI known as DARK. DARK had been awakened following the activation of a similar unit in Lemuria by Sera in 2226. Enlisting the air of their new allies and a (somewhat) repentant Sera, they managed to destroy DARK and save Legendary Colony.

Following the destruction of DARK, Michelle stepped down from her position as leader, handing over the reigns of the colony to Kevin Walker and taking a position as a liason between Ares and Earth. Assigned informally to TASC, Michelle now serves as part of the Unified Army to serve the interests of both her original home and her new one.


  • Michelle's wings are her primary cybernetic upgrades, a converted FlapPack augmented with cloned feathers for greater aerodynamics.
  • Other cybernetics include skeletal reinforcement to help support her wings and better cope with aerial mishaps.
  • Michelle's dress is not atypical for a colonist on Ares - the planet is warmer than Earth, with thick jungles and expansive deserts.


Michelle maintains a good relationship with the members of her colony, especially the original members of the Wings.

  • Kevin Walker, now colony leader, a dedicated soldier with a wry sense of humor.
  • Piter Jacobs, a cheerful and exuberant young man who was studying to be an archaeologist before leaving Earth.
  • Paula Volens, the heart of the Wings, a bit of a tease and a flirt.
  • Medea "Meds" Volens, Paula's sister, scarred by an attack from DARK's monsters, sarcastic and sometimes angry, with mismatched black and white wings.
  • Darren Ericson, a former member of the UN Power Armor core, the best flier of the group, aloof and somewhat arrogant.

Beyond the wings, her closest confident in the colony is Dr. Shun Cheng, a top surgeon from London who left his extended family behind to serve Project Dandelion. A remarkable medic, he has a deep well of very dry British humor that he uses to cope with life on the colony.


  • 2230-04-12: Hot LZ - Kevin Walker returns to Ares with his new allies from Earth. It's not quite that simple.
  • 2230-04-15: Heart And Alloy - Alloy Stuart, well-known reploid heartbreaker, has a one-on-one with Michelle Heart.
  • 2230-04-15: Jungle Hunt - Our heroes set out to explore a Martian ruin in the jungles of Ares.
  • 2230-04-29: Wave Two - DARK makes an all-out assault on Legendary Colony.
  • 2230-05-12: Beware As The DARK Returns - The final assault on DARK begins.
  • 2230-05-13: Are You Afraid Of The DARK - The fate of Ares rests on the unlikely shoulders of Sera as the heroes fight their final battle against the mad AI known as DARK.

Cut Scenes

  • 2223-09-28: Wings of Ares - The UNS Legendary, part of Project Dandelion, reaches its destination.
  • 2224-08-24: Heart And Walker - Michelle Heart's colony makes a horrifying discovery.
  • 2225-05-27: Learning to Fly - Change comes to Ares.
  • 2228-02-08: Before the DARK - Something is killing people on Ares, and Michelle Heart wants to find out why.
  • 2229-02-16: A Way Back Home - The Legendary is no more, and troubles grow.