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Personal Information
Real Name Midi
Code Name MegaMan.EXE
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Classified
Serial Number DR-UNN-M1D1
Faction Unified Army
Function Vardøgr Positive Node
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Data/Information Security, Acquisition, Utilization
Secondary Specialty Being the Littlest Ninja
Weapons None
Primary Laser Pen
Type Energy
Secondary Environment Exploit
Type Force
Buster Colors Dark Blue & Light Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Xtreme
Voice Actor Mark Gatha (Battle Network Double Team DS Lan)
Theme Song Caramelldansen

Character Data

"Now more than ever, we need to protect what we have."


Midi began his life as a failed binary Reploid project by the Professor. Originally assigned for the United Nations, he returned to his creator when the Professor made himself public during Ragnarok. Led to believe that he was doing the right thing and turning a blind eye to Ourboros's wrongdoing, he resisted efforts by Repliforce to rescue him and show him the error of his ways. After leaving their custody, he found he could no longer ignore what Ouroboros was doing, and in his despair was coopted by the FMian Cygnus. The efforts of Tenko and Repliforce saved him from the FMian, and he has once more thrown his lot in with them in order to protect the world. Cheerful and diligent, he is nonetheless conflicted when it comes to taking arms against his family. A noncombatant in the physical world, Midi's skills shine online, where he operates as MegaMan.EXE.


Good Natured Geek, Not Getting The Joke, Cute As A Button, Doesn't Look Like A Computer Genius, Innocent, Programming In His Sleep, Can Speak |)00|), Tomax and Xamot Syndrome, Two Steps Forward