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Mikage Yukiato
The Yakuza.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Mikage Yukiato
Code Name Kumichou
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Yakuza Head
Technical Specifications
Primary Shingatana
Type Blade
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"A balance in peace is fine indeed, but a balance in strife is more profitable."


Yukiato rose to the position of Kumichou, leader of the Yakuza, following the assassination of his grandfather. Although the position is inherited, Yukiato strives to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, and vows one day to find and execute his murderer. The youngest Kumichou in many generations, Yukiato sees tremendous potential for profit and power in the current global state of conflict--but whatever machinations he devises, they usually remain cloaked in secrecy, or clothed in gossamer legitemacy through dummy corporations and legal fronts. Yukiato keeps himself fit through aikido and kendo, and fancies himself a fine swordsman--although where there's real physical danger, he'll be the first one inside an armored escape vehicle headed in the opposite direction. Despite his cultured upbringing--or perhaps as a result of it--Yukiato has a fancy for clove cigarettes. His position within the Yakuza is still considered with apprehension or outright resentment by some, who suspect his hand in his own grandfather's death.


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