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Miss Millions
Miss Millions.jpg
Personal Information
Race Not Human
Gender Female
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Ouroboros
Function The Survivor
Technical Specifications
Primary Fog Of War
Type Corrosive
Secondary Submission
Type Corrosive
Buster Colors Yellow and Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Surely you are smart enough to see that I cannot be trusted."


Miss Millions was once the ruler of Las Vegas, but now struggles to regain Her former glory. Her original name has been lost to time, arising from the chaos of the early 20th century after a Thule Society rite gone wrong. With the power to cloud men's minds, Miss Millions affects the appearance and demeanor of Cleopatra. Soft-spoken and anachronistically polite, She has usually gotten her way with persuasion, social influence, and a cocktail of nanotech and pheromone targeting. No more. Now a 'guest' of Ouroboros, Miss Millions has only slowly been allowed to start rebuilding Her criminal empire, this time having to endure the bit and bridle of a modified form of the Professor's Feng Shui Drive. With Her power kept in check by techno-sorcery, Miss Millions has been forced to do things the old-fashioned way... but She remembers what it is to be free.