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Mist Man
Mist Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender male
Serial Number DWN X03
Email None
Faction Robot Masters
Function Genie in a Bottle
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Mist Manipulation
Secondary Specialty Disguise/Infiltration/Flattery/Granting Wishes
Primary Poison Mist
Type Corrosive
Secondary Mist Strike
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"Your wish is my command."


Mist Man represents a new application of technology. Using the general idea of Aqua Man's "heavy water," Dr. Wily has invented a sort of "heavy mist." Mist Man is made out of nothing more than liquid suspended in gas, but he can form solid matter of any type in the same way that solid holograms can. Mist Man has one major limitation: his nueral hardware and the system that generates his mist-form body are all contained in a "magical lamp." This is the true form of Mist Man, and any body he happens to form outside of it must carry this lamp around at all times, never being out of its direct proximity. The form he is programmed to be most comfortable in, and generally takes, of course, is that of a genie streaming out of this lamp. In this form he may be solid or ethereal, as he chooses, which can confound opponents in combat, though they usually get the general idea that it's smart to target the lamp. If his solid mist form is damaged heavily, Mist Man will retreat into his lamp like a turtle into his shell. He believes himself to be a genie of sorts in the real world, as he can form objects out of mist to grant the wishes of those around him, even if they are, in truth, insubstantial, and will disappear in to vapor the minute Mist Man himself is no longer present. He loves both Middle Eastern culture and the magical aspects of fantasy, seeing many of his creator's inventions (including himself) as real magic, simply brought to life through the power of technology.


Not-So-Phenominal Cosmic Power, Itty Bitty Living Space, Being Easy to Carry Home For Repairs, Being Easily Overlooked, Knowledge: Arabian Nights




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