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Molly Ribbita
Molly Ribbita.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Independent
Function Investigative Reporter
Technical Specifications
Primary Kero Squirt Gun
Type Water
Secondary Frog Hat
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Theme Song

Character Data

"The right passcode can stop a nuclear launch, but NOTHING can stop the news!"


One of GNN's newest fresh faces and on-scene reporters, Molly Ribbita is a bit smarter than her public persona might indicate. This isn't out of geniune bubble-headedness, but out of friendliness; she likes to put people first and doesn't like to be thought of as a "geek." Her original focus of study was computer programming, but she soon discovered that the solitary work was just too dull and quiet for an outgoing person like herself, and she did a one-eighty, going into communications and broadcasting. She's happy in front of the camera, doing on-scene reporting for GNN, but she's equally happy on-line, discovering that having considerable computer skills is an excellent way to pick up information she otherwise might not be able to access: then share it with the world. She stands by the fact that she has never done any illegal hacking, saying that the "freedom of the press" gives her the right to any information she might acquire. Her favorite animals by far are frogs and toads, and she has an almost-scary collection of ceramic models, plastic toys, plushies, and more. An excellent swimmer and diver, though otherwise unathletic. Recognizable on-line by her adorable, toad-like avatar. It may look innocuous, but when Ribbita is serious about getting a scoop, she won't let anything stand in her way.


Reporting on Anything Anywhere, Computer Hacking For Fun And Prof...Okay, So Mostly Fun, Looking Great On Camera, Constantly Underestimated, Mucking For Toads Without Messing Up Her Makeup, Frog Collection (First Someone Gets You One As A Gag Gift Then Word Gets Out That You Like That Sort Of Thing And Before Long...), Toad Man's Only Fangirl, Wants A Ride In Gribbit, Kero Kero Kawaii