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Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction QUILL
Function Q
Technical Specifications
Primary Synthesized Solution
Type Energy
Secondary Optimized Subroutine
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Azure Striker Gunvolt
Theme Song

Character Data

"Double check your gear and always be prepared."


A former combat analyst and weapons researcher from Japan, Moniqa left her highly lucrative job with UN peacekeeping after becoming disillusioned with the government. She made no effort to hide her views in her active online presence, which made it easy for someone like Asimov to offer her a more meaningful job. Moniqa is a true believer in Asimov's ideals and makes an effort to fulfill her role in QUILL with dignity, which means it usually falls to her to be the responsible big sister. Moniqa prefers to contribute through mission control and equipment development, where her tendency toward clumsiness is negated by her significant career experience.


Item Crafting, Hacker Trolling, One-Woman Gun Factory, Accessorizing for Maximum Killing Power, Senpai Noticed Me and Then Asked Me to Read His Manifesto, Dressing Like She Does As Part of an Elaborate Plan to Make Asimov Unable to Function




Cut Scenes