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Morph Moth
Morph Moth.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Function Aerial Tactician
Technical Specifications
Primary Silk Shot
Type Physical
Secondary Spore Discharge
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman X2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Only through fire can one be purified."


A reploid that has been considerably humbled by his joining of Ouroboros, where Morph Moth used to despise refuse heaps, he now revels in them. Thinking trash to be the new 'chic', he constantly experiments with 'fashionable recyclibles' to create new looks. Morph prefers to start battles in a larval state to lull opponents into underestimating him before bursting free into his aerial form to finish them with brilliant lasers and beautiful corrosive powder.


Self-Regeneration, Vanity, Filth-Hatred, Attraction To Flames, Neat Freak




Cut Scenes