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Morrigan Aensland
Morrigan Aensland.png
Personal Information
Race Succubus
Gender Female
Faction Versus
Function S-Class Noble
Technical Specifications
Primary Valkyrie Turn
Type Physical
Secondary Darkness Illusion
Type Energy
Buster Colors Green & Black
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Theme Song

Character Data

"An unchanging eternity... that's more terrifying than death, don't you think?"


Lady Morrigan Aensland is a demon from a plane of reality called Makai. The United Nations may publicly call her a "dimensional alien," but even people outside of the military intelligence community have rumors to the contrary. As the daughter of Makai's ruler, Belial Aensland (who may or may not be the Devil), Morrigan is the heir to a great kingdom--which apparently makes her fit to serve as her world's ambassador to Earth. Morrigan does not take her duties seriously, instead preferring to live as a socialite and thrillseeker. Her talents serve her well in her preferred hobby, leading the Versus organization into dangerous and amazing adventures. Morrigan is exactly the kind of bewitching and mysterious charmer one would expect. Though it is easy to see her as old money primarily interested in novel excitement, those who cross Morrigan find she is possessed of both horrific powers of Darkness and a terrible, implacable will. Morrigan often leaps carelessly into trouble by doing what is interesting rather than what is wise, and she is readily provoked by intriguing challenges.


Witch Arts (Aensland Makenpo, Astral Arts, Gilman/Dohma Spellcraft), Demon Arts (Funechika/Kreutz Makenpo, Dark Arts), Bardic Knowledge, Innuendo (Pan-), Centuries of Frivolous XP Expenditure, The Fated Duelist, A Precious Flower, Undefinable, Strife Devourer, Breaking Thrones, Strip Bare and Live Free, Finding Your Climax, Life Imitates Art, The Succubest, Highlander, Hands-On Valkyrie, Too Good to Be True, Means Everything to Everyone, Woke Up Like This, Watch the Queen Conquer, Princess of Artistry, Lady of Adventure, Woman of Desire, Domains: Battle, Sovereignty, Fertility, Divine Powers: Pursuing, Destroying, Subduing, Traits: Insatiable, Dominant, Intimate




  • 2226-05-17: Operation Perfect Memory - The 2226 Echo Ridge senior prom.
  • 2226-09-24: A Portentous Meeting - Nephilim wants to fight Pyron in Makai. There's only one person who can help them, and she won't work for free...
  • 2226-10-24: Reagents and Catalysts II - Morrigan needs three things before she can send Nephilim to Makai. But something goes wrong.
  • 2226-10-28: A Good Old Fashioned Witch Burning - Yomiel appeals to the old-school religious sensibilities of his people by burning Morrigan Aensland at the stake.
  • 2227-05-28: Through a Different Lens - Tien, the new Q-Bee, tries to have a meal. So does Morrigan.
  • 2227-05-29: Alive for a Night - Morrigan and Bailey meet at a pub to catch up. Bailey tells Morrigan some stories, and then Morrigan tells some of her own. Bailey proves himself a gentleman.
  • 2227-05-31: FMianverse: Jack Corvus - The dimensional crusaders visit a post-apocalyptic universe to save Jack Hunter from Jack Hunter.
  • 2227-05-31: FMianverse: Jack Hunter - After round one with Jack Corvus, the group splits up. The outside team has a twist planned for round two.
  • 2227-06-01: Developing a Feeling - [OOC] Luna Platz says, "dun dun dun" [OOC] Morrigan Aensland says, "hiiii" [OOC] Bly says, "wuh oh" [OOC] Luna Platz says, "Luna is in the training room when Morrigan showed up to say hi" [OOC] Bly says, "double wuh oh"
  • 2227-06-07: A Protracted Dominance Struggle - Morrigan invites Bailey and Luna out for some kind of weird three-way date and they end up doing some drugs and nearly killing a guy and then getting some breakfast burritos.
  • 2227-06-10: FMianverse: Gemini Spark - FMianverse Gemini Spark gets taught about love.
  • 2227-06-21: What Are You Going to Make - Roll's scientific quiet time is interrupted by Morrigan Aensland. A trip is discussed.
  • 2227-06-22: Weirdly Liberating - Roll undertakes a dangerous journey for the betterment of science and, perhaps, society. Morrigan looks fabulous.
  • 2227-06-23: Interlocking Systems - After brief terror, Roll finds her destination. Morrigan has not yet reached her own.
  • 2227-06-26: The O'Wily Factor - Dr. Wily runs a cable news talk show. It doesn't end well.
  • 2227-06-29: A Real Bad Idea - Nahid decides to meet up with Morrigan after their brief brush on the Wily Hour. They make plans to go sightseeing together.
  • 2227-06-30: Pleasant to Look At - Nahid takes Morrigan to see the countryside near Tehran. Morrigan makes a rude assertion.
  • 2227-07-01: Crescent Moon Rockman Episode 6: Pistolero! - An FMian has been running rampant across the world robbing banks. Can Crescent Moon Rockman finally catch this rogue?
  • 2227-07-02: I Can't Stop - Zero is accosted during a training session and ends up with a new client and a lot of confusion.
  • 2227-07-05: Crescent Moon Rockman Episode 8: Dark Side of Me - Omega Platz comes at Crescent Moon Rockman with all of her power. But what if she's fighting to lose?
  • 2227-07-06: Crescent Moon Rockman Episode 9: Freak Like Me - The Mavericks, the Robot Masters and even the FMians have taught Zack Temple one thing: the only way you can live like you wish is by having the power to destroy everything in your path.
  • 2227-07-07: As Everyday as Bugs - Tien invites Morrigan to what will be Tien's very first sleepover. The evening starts with cookies, develops with alcohol, and ends with crying.
  • 2227-07-09: Grim News - Shizuka gets into a high stakes poker game and meets a dangerous woman.
  • 2227-07-15: What's Inside You - Bailey is depressed after Luna did something morbid and mean. Morrigan attempts to gift him an immortal perspective. Things get spooky.
  • 2227-07-16: That's Pretty Deep - Luna is grounded after trying to kill herself to become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Morrigan takes her out for some illegal activities. THEY'RE BONDING, Y'ALL.
  • 2227-07-18: Playing Fair - Shizuka has some downtime on a mission in Beijing and dares to say Morrigan's name three times.
  • 2227-07-24: Unsafe Chicken - Roll gently tips forwards, her head landing on the bar with an audible 'thump'. The bartender is not too shocked at this. "It's not so bad," Morrigan replies in a singsong lilt.
  • 2227-07-28: I Would Live for You - Tien has learned a really neat trick! She rushes to show her new friend Morri.
  • 2227-07-31: Construction of a Battlefield - Morrigan takes Zero to an art exhibit exploring war. Just when he's starting to get comfortable, she stabs him.
  • 2227-08-04: Street Fighter: The Stage of History - In a gambit to flush out Clock Man, several interested parties travel to a universe that appears to be a duplicate of their own past. They take in some street fighting, and then they're taken in by street fighters.
  • 2227-08-06: Masks in the Dark - Tien visits Morrigan for training in shapeshifting. Tien learns that her shape may never be her own.
  • 2227-08-06: Really Sort of Horrifying - Shizuka is missing an asset to complete some corporate espionage. Morrigan offers to help because she's very comfortable with wetwork.
  • 2227-08-07: Poor Boy, Rich Girl - Bailey is wounded once more after Luna disappears with Vega. He seeks out Morrigan. She is less soft.
  • 2227-08-07: Every Living Moment - Morrigan comes home from killing people and stealing things. It gets brutal.
  • 2227-08-08: Street Fighter: The Ohio Symphonic Orchestra - Star Force and friends drive out to Ohio to have words with Mike Bison.
  • 2227-08-10: It's Morrigan's Chair Now :( - Roll works on the problem of Rose. Morrigan visits to recruit her to find Rose. The coincidences here are chilling.
  • 2227-08-12: All Subtlety Gone - Bailey, Roll, and Morrigan visit a woman named Rose. They all have their fortunes told.
  • 2227-08-13: An Embarrassment That Kills People - Morrigan takes Zero to scope out ZeroWorld. He has a lot of unhappy memories.
  • 2227-08-14: Best If We Don't - Morrigan takes Nahid out to be fitted for a suit. Morrigan and Nahid suffer a critical difference of personalities.
  • 2227-08-18: Street Fighter: Too Pretty to Die - Balrog swings by to pick up Decapre from Ciel's care.
  • 2227-08-21: I Do Not Hope - Morrigan takes Zero to meet Ryu, another warrior with (personal) demons.
  • 2227-08-27: The Smokeless Fire - Ben Kavinsky and Andruw Nisse try to bargain with a devil.
  • 2227-08-27: I Want To Understand - Roll invites Morrigan to a mystery dinner. IN SPACE. Roll bares her soul and Morrigan eats cake.
  • 2227-08-30: Crescent Moon Rockman: Season Finale - Everyone attempts to stop Clock Man from kidnapping CMRverse Sonia.
  • 2227-08-30: Strength: Talking to People at Bars - Following his meeting with her father, Morrigan bothers Andruw at a bar. They both act very clever and then there's foreshadowing of anguish and drama. Average day.
  • 2227-08-31: Street Fighter: Tribute to the Master - The dimensional crusade strikes directly at Vega to end Shadaloo's threat and rescue Luna Platz.
  • 2227-09-06: Davania: The Scenic Route - The search for Sonia takes everyone to Davania, where things start to seem a little too familiar.
  • 2227-09-07: Davania: The Dragon King - The party arrives in the city of Nodus and meets with the mysterious Dragon King.
  • 2227-09-10: Overthinking Things - After being rejected by Morrigan, Ben asks her to come by the Skullo Motel so that he may prove his worth.
  • 2227-09-13: The Wedding of Marshall Rider and Helene Sundstrand - At last, a grand union is formalized.... further results


  • 2227-06-19: The Final Chamber of Makenpo is Empty - Morrigan Aensland visits her old master. She considers a gift for Luna, a gift for Bailey, and a gift for herself.
  • 2227-06-23: In This Forest Liars Are Eaten - Morrigan wonders what kind of person Roll is. Roll enjoys some recreational hell swimming.
  • 2227-07-08: And Then They All Died Forever - Morrigan is taught how to take. Morrigan kills. Morrigan drinks a cup of coffee at Tien's house.
  • 2227-08-13: Nowheregirl - Irritated by her inability to understand Vega's power, Morrigan tracks down the truth. It makes her feel young again. She didn't like herself when she was young.
  • 2227-11-14: Dating While Dead - Morrigan has a lot of meaningless sex and learns nothing.
  • 2228-10-31: Happy Birthday Morrigan Aensland - Morrigan spends her 550th birthday talking to people who have known her longer than she's comfortable with.
  • 2232-01-01: Hell of a New Year - A kiss for luck is customary, right?