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Personal Information
Code Name Magnificent Seven
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s CyComm
Birth Date July 7
Serial Number CC-77
Faction Independent
Function Hacktivist
Technical Specifications
Primary Chain Lightning
Type Electric
Secondary Applied Electromagnetism
Type Force
Buster Colors Pink with a white streak.
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor Akemi Kanda / Winona Ryder
Theme Song Gifted (ft. Kanye West, Santigold and Lykke Li) - N.A.S.A.

Character Data

"This time, things are gonna be different."


Nana is one of the world's greatest hackers. Known online as 'Magnificent Seven', she has always thumbed her nose at authority, no better seen in her co-founding of the Gospel Netmafia. Born into the world eager to please and belong, an early run-in with the sadistic Silver Horn left her traumatized into a life of crime. After her attempts to right her wrongs ended in her being manipulated again and again, Nana hit rock bottom, having burned every bridge she had ever encountered. She checked herself into rehab, where she began to address her problems. A strong believer in social justice, Nana is a champion of the rights of the oppressed and has a great fondness for mechanimals. In the physical world, Nana is quiet and shy, and tends to fall back on sarcasm when she feels threatened. Online, Magnificent Seven is her opposite: boisterous, provocative, and confident. Today, Nana is on the road to recovery, but the secrets of her past have refused to let her disappear into a peaceful, anonymous life as a courier.


Network Operations, Cryptography, Uber Administrator, Infowar Tactics, Ace Spotter, Information Security, Hotwiring, Friend To Mechanimals, Door Control, Former Air Pirate, Knowledge (Things She's Not Supposed To Know), Zen Meditation, Saying 'Golly Gee Willikers' With A Straight Face, Would Download A Car, The Deliverator, The Courier


Alternate Versions

  • Bad M7 - aka 'The Blackhat', a time-traveling Magnificent Seven from the Machine Universe who managed to acquire extraordinary physical power thanks to Mister Famous. An earlier Magician's Apprentice who wreaked havoc across untold numbers of dimensions before her death, including engineering the downfall of the Divine Conspiracy. A known dealer of Dark Chips. Craved the suffering of others and dated Wasp.
  • Zombie Nana - a Nana who was afflicted with a virus that made her and her comrades thirst for robot flesh. Cleverly reconstructed enough portal technology to contact Omega Nana and convince her to bring a rescue party to Zombie Universe. Killed and ate Silver Horn. He was delicious.


  • Nana is currently employed as a courier by Shinkansen Deliveries, a Neo-Tokyo based company.
  • There are two other CyComm reploids that Nana considers her siblings, Null and Apple.
  • The highest position Nana ever occupied on the Repliforce Top Ten Most Wanted list was #5.

Cut Scenes featuring Nana

Logs featuring Nana

  • 2219-08-01: Meet the Wizard - A strange piece of spam leads Nana and Prismatic Spider down a rabbit hole that changes their lives forever.
  • 2219-09-03: Kingdom Hearts - Mister Famous wants to know what is Nana's heart's desire.
  • 2219-09-17: Courage's Secret - For the first time, Steel Massimo reveals his terrible secret.
  • 2219-09-29: Potato Girl - Alloy gives Nana a potato.
  • 2219-10-02: Impress Me - Nana meets Nicole for the first time, and what follows after.
  • 2219-10-04: The Puzzlebox - Cinnamon attempts to decrypt a series of puzzles left to her by Nana.
  • 2219-11-28: It's Dangerous To Go Alone - Mister Famous gives Nana a quest.
  • 2219-12-11: This Charming Man - Blues introduces Nana to an ace pilot who can assist Gospel's cause.
  • 2219-12-16: The One Thing - Mister Famous offers Riot a gift, but there's one thing that he just can't give.
  • 2220-01-05: Deeper Still - Gospel hacks the UN.
  • 2220-01-10: The Forum - After a three-year disappearance, Siren.EXE returns to the Forum.
  • 2220-01-11: Taboo Is The Best Torture - Siren.EXE's return to cyberspace comes with some strings attached.
  • 2220-01-11: The Source - Siren has joined the Mavericks.
  • 2220-01-18: The Betting Pool - Siren pays a polite visit to Silver Horn.
  • 2220-01-22: ATM Quest - Gospel finds a kloo.
  • 2220-01-24: Down Another Path - Cinnamon and Nana go for a walk. Rock visits.
  • 2220-01-28: The Fatal Four-Way - The N1 Grand Prix erupts into a grand melee, featuring Hyperconstruct Neo.
  • 2220-03-26: Assault on Pine Gap - Gospel and Grave race to attack a Black SHIELD facility.
  • 2220-03-31: Zombieland, Pt 1 - The worst alternate universe.
  • 2220-03-31: Zombieland, Pt 2 - The worst alternate universe.
  • 2220-04-15: Sic Semper Tyrannis - Gospel liberates a critically important tool from the American intelligence community.
  • 2220-05-01: The Man With No Name - A gaggle of hackers doing what they do best, slapfighting, are interrupted by a stranger.
  • 2220-06-02: Tiger By The Tail - The assembled forces of good, lead by Gospel, fight to free the remains of Duo.EXE from the vile grip of Vincente Sumiyama.
  • 2220-07-14: Candlejack - When Candlejack e-kidnaps Dr. Light, can our hero hackers save him befor
  • 2220-09-01: Cyber Shenanigans - Cyber Peacock leads the Hunter hacking brigade in a master class on trolling.
  • 2220-09-13: Once Too Many - Blues does a bad thing.
  • 2220-10-04: Unbearable Outrage - Nana decides to quit the Hunters and become an air pirate.
  • 2220-10-14: Point of No Return - Blues faces his second and last Hunter Tribunal.
  • 2220-12-06: Project Aesir - Working on a tip from Gospel, the Hunters explore Promise Island, a Project Aesir development facility.
  • 2220-12-17: The Man Behind The Curtain - Gospel meets the Professor, and finds the missing Midi and Techno.
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.
  • 2220-12-20: When The Smoke Cleared, pt. 2 - Gospel convenes a meeting to figure out what to do next, which is rudely interrupted.
  • 2220-12-20: When The Smoke Cleared - After the battle of Sri Lanka, Gospel takes stock of what they have left. It's not much.
  • 2221-01-02: Zombie Tactics - Radios and board posts from the zombie apocalypse. Spam ahoy!
  • 2221-01-14: The End of the Line - Nana struggles with Riot's death in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.
  • 2221-01-21: What Happened To Your Hat? - Nana recovers from her time in Silver Horn’s clutches.
  • 2221-02-19: Nightmare Dive - Alloy tries to help Nana with her bad dreams.
  • 2221-03-14: Aldar Rof, pt 2: The Wolf Age - Do you still seek to know? And what?
  • 2221-03-14: Aldar Rof - Gospel and Grave meet for a final battle.
  • 2221-05-08: Making Light - Radio arguments during B&C.
  • 2221-08-14: Fruit Salad - Molly Ribbita enlists the help of LEGIONS in exposing the crime of the century.
  • 2221-10-06: Let Me Tell You A Story - The lead-in to the development of modern TASC.
  • 2222-03-06: The Second Battle of Tianna Camp - The Mavericks, struggling desperately to maintain their power, try to repeat their previous success.
  • 2223-08-14: Monster Hospital - Silver Horn has crossed Nana for the last time.
  • 2225-07-10: The Bodhisatva - Nana has a plan to put her life back on track. But she needs to run it by somebody first.
  • 2225-07-14: One Bad Apple - Nana meets Schmitt.
  • 2225-07-15: The Asura - The plan is in motion. Now, Nana must wait, and while she waits, she will be visited by ghosts from her past.
  • 2225-07-19: The Sakadagami - The plan is in motion. Now, Nana must wait, and while she waits, she will be visited by ghosts from her past.
  • 2225-07-23: The Hungry Ghost - Nana's plan has worked. She has what she wanted... or does she?
  • 2225-08-11: Riot Comes Home - It's been a long time coming.... further results


Lifecycle Mix

1. The NetBattler - Combat Baby - Metric

2. A Gospel Song - Shame On Me - Amanda Blank

3. No Trouble No More - Hold Up Your Hand - Crookers ft. Roisin Murphy

4. Spiraling - Exit - Stateless

5. Just Like The Bad Old Days - Strange Behavior - Feed Me

6. The Breaking Point - Monster Hospital - Metric

7. Rehab - God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me - Aberdeen City

8. And Then She Was - And She Was - Talking Heads

9. Commitment - Escape Me (LA Riots Remix) - DJ Tiesto

10. The High Road - The High Road - Broken Bells

11. Acceptance - Lover to Lover - Florence + The Machine

12. Warrior's Heart - Boadicea - Mason ft. Roisin Murphy

Magnificent Seven

1. Shinryakusha (Invader) - Avex Mode - Rockman.EXE Soundtrack

2. Freedom - Cannibal Whore Feast - Marathon Soundtrack

3. No Security - Crookers ft. Kelis - Tons of Friends

4. Secrets from the Future - MC Frontalot - Secrets From the Future

5. My Violent Heart - Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

6. I Know The Truth (No Mercy) - Pretty Lights

7. Scorpions - Nero - Welcome Reality

8. Gr33tz - Great Scott - DEFCON XX Music Compilation

9. Wildstyle Method - Bassnectar - Wildstyle

10. Lemme Get Some - Amanda Blank ft. Chuck Inglish - I Love You

11. Disobedience - KMFDM