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Nathan Spencer
Nathan Spencer.png
Personal Information
Real Name Nathan Spencer
Code Name Bionic Commando
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Birth Date July 20, 2150
Serial Number RAD 988
Faction Unified Army
Function Bionic Commando
Assignment Lend A Hand
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Hero of the Past
Secondary Specialty COMMANDO Team Tech-expert
Weapons Bionic Arm, Daisy .45, Hogle Assault Shotgun, Raytech Repeater, Grenades, Vector Cannon, Bazooka, TASC-SJ Carbine
Primary Spencer Arm
Type Physical
Secondary Power Claw
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red & Green
OOC Information
Game Bionic Commando
Voice Actor Michael Bell
Theme Song Go Go Go! Bionic!

Character Data

"Can we get on with the fight instead of talking?!"


A man out of time, Nathan Spencer was an American Special Forces soldier of extraordinary skill. Chosen to take part in a British SAS exchange program, he ultimately found himself a part of TASC and the legendary COMMANDO team. Wounded in combat with Meio's forces, Spencer was upgraded with experimental cybernetics, becoming the Bionic Commando. Serving with COMMANDO throughout the 2180s, he helped bring about the defeat of Meio at the end of the Chinese Revolution. After the battle, he was given one final task; to be cryogenically frozen the guardian of "The Leader" and to stop him should he ever escape containment. Cocksure and brash, Nathan believes that everything is possible with guts and hard works. A technical expert for COMMANDO, he is skilled with computers and often tinkers with his own cybernetics. He's seen it all as part of COMMANDO, and while some might be jaded, he continues in his determination to do the right thing, especially after seeing what became of his late friend Gaus Magrevich, who died shortly after the end of his nearly forty year slumber.


Heavy Weapons, Martial Arts (Gunkata), Military Science, Network Operations, Languages (English, German, Chinese), Small Arms, Special Forces Training, Squad Tactics, System Administration, Genius Bruiser, Made Of Iron (Well, Titanium), One Man Army, Super Soldier, Hero Of The Past