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Neon Tiger
Neon Tiger.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction QUILL
Function Guerilla Tactics
Technical Specifications
Primary Ray Splasher
Type Energy
Secondary Brilliant Berserker
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Voice Actor Angelina Jolie
Theme Song

Character Data

"We are no mere beasts."


For many years, Neon Tiger styled herself as the ultimate predator and fell in line with the thought that reploids were on top of the metaphorical food chain. As the years went by, this eroded when her cause seemed to lose any perception of nobility as the world began to move more and more towards equality - and seemed to act more and more as beasts. This came to its worst when she was overtaken by powerful Jammers during the last days of the Mavericks. Her salvation from the Hunters prompted her to turn to Nephilim after the former’s dissolution seeking to put a stop to the madness for good. She detests having carried herself as an animal in retrospect, though she still draws upon skills attributed to her namesake as an excellent survivalist and a powerful tracker in forested environments, a capable stealth operative even with the handicap of a body that glows brightly in the dark. Armed with sharp claws and the ability to fire rays from her tail, Neon Tiger now fights not only to preserve what good she can see in the world, but also try and guide those who mimic their biological counterparts to unsettling degrees into being their own person - not just a metallic animal.


Survival (All), Tracking, Maintaining Positive Stealth Modifier Despite Glow In The Dark Armor, Rehabilitated ...Or Merely Domesticated?, Budding Fursector