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Personal Information
Code Name Ninetails
Race Reaver
Gender Male
Serial Number CM-O-E-09
Faction Independent
Function And Guest Starring
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Kicking Your Ass (Ph.D equivalent)
Secondary Specialty Philosophy
Primary Annihilator Hadouken
Type Energy
Secondary Nine Fragments
Type Energy
Buster Colors Crimson & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Voice Actor George Takei
Theme Song

Character Data

"I was asked once, do you ever feel alone, being as you are? My answer was: 'Alone' is a conceptual structure, just like any other."


Evolution Nine began life as an experimental creation in the then-untried Reaverbot process, designed by the Maverick cyborg Overclock from the same crystalline technology used by Ra Moon's "Reaver" drones, but with a Reploid's degree of intellect and freedom of choice. While still iterating, he chose his nine-tailed legendary fox form in honor of the eight failed efforts before him. Formerly a Maverick warrior, indoctrinated by simulation programming due to viral immunity, Ninetails has come to see the flaws in Sigma's ideology and has, surprisingly, turned states' evidence against his creator. Often toying with his opponents in battle, and possessed of an alien patience and perspective, he is often condescending and unpleasant, although those with power, beauty, or intelligence can win his respect. Despite his bad attitude (unfortunately backed up by immense fighting power), he is also capable of holding to agreements, seeming to take strange restrictions and requests as almost a challenge.


Amorality, Intimidating, Language Proficency (Exotic): Martian, No Yiffing Please We're British, Laughing at Energy Attacks, Usually Getting Your One Sonic Attack Instead, I will Meditate And Then Destroy You, Reploid Acupuncture: Don't Die Yet - I'm Not Done Killing You, Doing Everything You Say Really Sarcastically, All The Children Love Garlic Fox