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Nitro Man
Nitro Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function High-Speed Stunts
Technical Specifications
Primary Wheel Cutter
Type Blade
Secondary Nitro Dash
Type Physical
Buster Colors White & Gray
OOC Information
Game Megaman 10
Theme Song

Character Data

"You're slow, old, busted, and worst of all, BORING!"


Nitro One was the leader of a stunt team working at MGM Studios, 60 androids large. During his tenure there he started in live motor vehicle stunt stage shows, doing insane motor stunts for live performances three times a day, as well as roles in several films doing his own stunts in his alternative mode, that of a slick self-propelled motorcycle. Nitro often boasted that if given half the chance, he could easily outrace, and out-stunt, any of the racers in Battle and Chase, but his contract didn't allow it... that is until Dr. Wily came along and liberated him from his life of service to the stage. Now serving the Robot Masters, Nitro Man is proud of his speed, but even more of his insane stunt background, and never goes for the direct approach when something more crazy and showy will do. He's not afraid of any danger, but can't stand having his pride crushed by someone causing him to stumble during an "action sequence." In a way, he's never broken out of the stunt show mentality, but now just thinks everyone is his audience.


Affinity: Babes, Ricer, Spiritual Successor to: Turbo Man/Evel Knievel, Can Jump: So High, Can Drive: So Fast, Can Drink: Not Much, Tsun-Tsun Automobile Fetish, Road Rash, Stunt-Man Army, Irrational Hate: Turtles/Red Lights/Rascal-brand Scooters, The World Is A Stage, Time To Hop That Shit While It's On Fire




Cut Scenes