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Noble Mandrago
Noble Mandrago.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Noble Mandrago
Race Android
Gender Female
Birth Date January 7, 2221
Serial Number EJH-004
Function Support Services
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Medical and Energy Support
Secondary Specialty Total Internet Destruction
Weapons Ride Armors and her Virtual Avatar.
Primary Mandrago Regeneration
Type Energy
Secondary Tsuibangeki
Type Blade Physical
Buster Colors Green & Pink
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you're just going to waste energy, give it to me."


Noble Mandrago is a bright android with a very well-cultivated self-preservation instinct. Noble (or, to the uncharitable, "knob") was not intended for front-line combat operations, though has the ability to effectively put up a fight until backup arrives to assist her or cover her retreat. Noble focuses instead on providing on-site medical assistance to the other Einherjar and their allies, as well as providing additional weapon energy on demand. When Noble goes into combat, she typically prefers to do so within a ride armor or with a lot of heavy units around her for protection. Some would call this cowardice, but Noble believes this is an efficient use of scarce resources. In standard combat, Noble tries to keep her head down and her mouth shut, avoiding taunting so to try to encourage leniency from her opponent. Online, Noble embodies the trait of "enormous Internet balls"; her avatar is a giant who smashes her opponents with overwhelming force. Noble's mistreatment of her opponents online allows her an outlet for the overwhelming resentment she feels for front-line combat units. Unlike other plant-based robots, Noble has no great fondness for the environment, seeing it only as a means to an end.