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Personal Information
Real Name Omega
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Weil
Death Yes
Faction Neo Arcadia
Function "Savior"
Technical Specifications
Primary Omega Saber
Type Blade Energy
Buster Colors Maroon & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am the savior! Ha ha ha ha!"


During the terror of Elpizo's Neo Arcadia movement, Omega was the product of Dr. Weil's research on behalf of both Neo Arcadia and his own twisted ideals. Boosted by parts stolen from Zero, the codenamed "Omega" was powered by a human mind that has never experienced humanity. Most terrifyingly, he carried a strain of the Sigma Virus, called the Genocide Virus, engineered to kill any AI construct it infected. It went rogue as the Genocide Virus mutated to threaten cyborgs as well, and was later supposedly put down as it mutated into a larger, more deadly form. It appears that he has somehow survived. With much more experience and a continued failure to understand even half the inane and hypocritical rhetoric he screams, Omega is just as deadly for its weapons loadout and swordsmanship as it is the misguided, hard-wired ambition that it is truly the hero in its own story in a world where it cannot possibly have any allies or even any purpose other than destroy anything and everything before him. It is a task he will never be able to introspect upon. This does not stop him from protesting any attempts even slightly contrary to his goals with overwhelming, uncompromising brutality and overkill... an uncanny weaponized satire of Elpizo's Neo Arcadia of yesteryear, and an incredible threat even now here in the Ragnarok.


Just Another M3 Boss Fight


Cut Scenes