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Assassin From the Depths of Outer Space
Optic Sunflower.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Optic Sunflower
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Function Solar Energy Collector
Technical Specifications
Primary Shining Ray
Type Energy
Secondary Tenshouha
Type Energy
Buster Colors Green and White
OOC Information
Game Megaman X8
Theme Song

Character Data

"Who in the world are you? What are you doing here? Who am I?"


Once, Optic Sunflower was just an ordinary Reploid who helped manage solar collection arrays in space, doing his job dutifully with the help of a number of floating drones resembling spark plugs, Bulbrites. Then, for almost no easily discernable reason other than perhaps he became bored of the monotony or came across too many little irregularities, he went berserk within Troia when he came back down for maintenance, and took over their computer systems which allowed Mavericks to attack. Being soundly defeated by Layer and Pallette, he was rescued by the Mavericks to formally serve their cause. Not only does he collect solar power, much of his fighting capabilities revolve around this and an advanced hologram system that allow him to alter the layout of a small room and otherwise bend light to create illusions to throw others off guard. He also likes to abuse holographic training rooms in order to \"train\" his fellow Mavericks with a variety of bizarre or impossible scenarios. For all of his brilliance and creativity, he is a notorious scatterbrain and can even forget who he is in the middle of a conversation.


Blinding Himself With Science, Absentminded, Shining Where The Sun Shouldn't Go, Optical Illusions, Never Getting Those 3-D Images You Have To Stare At, Having Too Much Fun With Training Simulations, Unhealthy Obsession: Layer and Pallette


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