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Orion Corth
Personal Information
Real Name Orion Corth
Code Name Beastzilla
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Birth Date 16 March 2187
Creation Date 16 March 2187
Serial Number 163-13-3137
Faction Grave
Function Biomechanical Engineer/Cyberneticist
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Biomechanical Engineering (Cybernetics)
Secondary Specialty Medicine/SCIENCE/Engineering
Primary Plague Knuckle
Type Corrosive
Secondary Call Of The Wild
Type Sonic
Buster Colors Matte Black & Olive Green
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"I believe in the common man and I intend to use my research to improve the plight of the common man. If you want to persecute me for pursuing that goal single-mindedly, then so be it."


A genius, a scientist, and a man who just wants to fit in would be perhaps the simplest way to describe Orion Corth. A reluctant academic despite his ceaseless quest for information and his abiding passion for experimentation, Orion Corth got wrapped up in the Neo Arcadian movement in the wake of losing several promotions to robots and spent the better part of three years working as a scientist and medical officer until the destruction of the organization. Approaching his choices with as much logic as he could, Corth found turning himself in to Repliforce-S.T.A.R.S. to be the choice with the greatest potential for reward; his rewards in this case being access to a well-funded lab, credit to his name, and the chance to exact revenge upon Dr. Josef Weil. Orions arrogance and ego are tempered by instinctual suspicion and an earnest desire to help people. Unfortunately Orions arrogance and ego are what get him into the trouble that proves his suspicion and fascination with weapons to be a necessary survival trait.


Bio-mechanics, Engineering, Toxicology, Zoology, Weapons (Build/Repair),Electronics (Build/Repair/Break), Pro-Wrestling History, My First Words Were "Wobo go 'oom," I-made-Gemma-ellipse-at-my-app-and-all-I-got-was-this-stupid-skill, "Mmmm... Cybernetics...", Animal DNA Enhanced, Do-I-go-to-the-vet-or-the-doctor?




  • 2220-06-02: Tiger By The Tail - The assembled forces of good, lead by Gospel, fight to free the remains of Duo.EXE from the vile grip of Vincente Sumiyama.
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.
  • 2221-01-02: Zombie Tactics - Radios and board posts from the zombie apocalypse. Spam ahoy!
  • 2221-02-09: A Funeral For Father And Son - The funeral of Dr. Thomas Light and Rock Light.
  • 2221-03-23: Lines Of Chalk - Shield Shellfish returns to the Repliforce after a mysterious, year-long absence... with no memory of what happened.
  • 2223-02-10: The Hedonistic FMian - Ciel's possession comes to a head in Neo-Tokyo.
  • 2223-10-07: Early Detection - Two Repliforcers get to investigating the Queens murders.
  • 2223-10-14: The Reploid In Black - A Transer image reveals the Queens killer... barely.
  • 2225-02-04: The Fall of Umbrella - Albert Wesker decides that Umbrella's usefulness to him is ended.
  • 2226-06-09: A Madman's CAGE - A manifesto. A warning. The death of Masquerade Peahen.
  • 2226-08-20: Wojigaron - The gang awakens an ancient evil.
  • 2226-08-29: The Hidden Sign - Allied forces explore the mysterious Martian ruin of Manda Temple - along with some less welcome visitors.
  • 2226-09-05: The Santorini Dig - Another von Bleucher dig, even stranger than the last.

Cut Scenes