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Personal Information
Real Name Christopher Matheson
Code Name Overclock
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Ouroboros
Function Imprisoned Ex-Maverick Engineer
Technical Specifications
Primary Running Hot
Type Fire
Secondary Plasma Bonesaw
Type Fire Blade
Buster Colors Black & Brick Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"Oh, hell, it worked. ... I can't believe I just did that."


Christopher Matheson calls himself a doctor these days, though he has no formal medical degree, having dropped out of school young in persuit of interests that no respectable institution would back. Tired of his weak and inefficient human body, he upgraded himself into a full-conversion cyborg and joined the Mavericks during their reign in Berlin. Matheson's codename became Overclock, after he developed a unique combat style based on overheating his own cybernetic systems. His own medical specialities lie in designing cybernetic bodies like his own, as well as weapons for robots and vehicles. He has also become one of the world's foremost brain surgeons, largely because he is perfectly willing to damage, incapacitate or even kill experimental subjects in his quest for knowledge about the human mind. Though he understands organic brains well, he is weak at computer programming, and he developed the Reaver robot technology in order to have a type of robot brain he could understand intuitively. After working with the Mavericks and Irregulars for long periods of time, Overclock moved on to working with Neo-Nazi forces so he could continue his experiments after the Mavericks' collapse. He is currently imprisoned, having been captured by the allied forces. Despite his clear skill in various medical areas he has so far been found too mentally unstable to be allowed work-release. Many of his followers in the Transhuman movement are still active in the global scene, including his most well-known creation, the Reaver Ninetails.


Knowledge: Cybernetics, Knowledge: Robotics, Pushing it to the Limit, Engineering Via Trial and Error, Brain Surgery... Via Trial and Error, Resourcefulness, You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry, Robotic Aspirations, Using Cheap American Parts, Not Technically a Doctor of Anything (But Don't Remind Him), The Bonesaws are for Extra Healing, Multi-lingual Via Infected Wetware, Putting Across a Strong Illusion of Sanity