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Overdrive Ostrich
Overdrive Ostrich.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Overdrive Ostrich
Code Name Overdrive Ostrich
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date March 25th, 2205.
Serial Number UN#3547
Faction QUILL
Function High Speed Ops
Assignment Get Apped
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Running
Secondary Specialty Extreme Stunts
Primary Sonic Slicer
Type Blade Sonic
Secondary Sonic Boom
Type Sonic
OOC Information
Game Megaman X2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Slower? This don't go no slower!"


A former regular of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom, Overdrive Ostrich appears the least repentant of any of the survivors in Nephilim. A through and through speed junkie, Overdrive Ostrich lived - and continues to live - for the thrill day by day, having had little to no real malice for anything. When the Hunters dissolved he took off full speed to where the open road steered him - Nephilim, but he has not forgotten the kindness shown to him by the Hunters, continuing to act as a hit and run specialist for Nephilim. Able to run at speeds that surpass the sound barrier, he can fire off sharp blades of sound with surprising accuracy - or use his speed to bolster the damage he can do with his arm blades. Having lived almost entirely in a toxic culture of hatred and isolation, Overdrive Ostrich has never experienced others giving him praise and gratitude until recently. He is coming to grips with what it means to happily coexist in a community as a member of it, and not a competitor. At least, when he isn't running away from it full tilt.


Fast Talking, Crazy Self-Endagering Stunts, Evading Convoluted Traps, Life In The Fast Lane, Personal Space Goes From Zero to Zoom In Seconds, Done With The Lonely Road But Too Afraid To Take The Exits, What's Whiplash?