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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Female
Function The Witch
Technical Specifications
Primary The Death Of Cold
Type Electric Ice
Secondary Cryogenic
Type Ice
Buster Colors White & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Theme Song

Character Data

"Defectives must be disposed of."


Pandora is a good girl. A loving sister, a supporting daughter, and a kind and graceful friend; Pandora was part of the conclusion of Project Dynamic, a weapons program designed to create a robot on par with Rock. Despite her heritage and relation to her brother, Prometheus, she is a quiet, composed young lady, a thoughtful contrast to his raw physicality and passion. First for Ouroboros, and then with her new friends and family in Genocide. Her separation from The Professor pains her. But she still loves him. And she still has her brother to quietly support. The meek and passive Pandora clearly enjoys her duties in being the heart of GENOCIDE, gently supporting her family and repressing any troubling thoughts that might disrupt or upset her friends and family. But some people don't believe this. Some people have claimed that Pandora is utterly devoid of any moral or ethical restraint. That she has a sadistic streak beyond even her brother, one that she uses to guide him into more precise acts of destruction and mayhem. That she fights and kills with the same refined composure that she always holds herself. Some people even call her 'The Witch' for her overwhelming power and unfettered cruelty. But they can tell her that to her face. They could even lie to her. She will forgive them. She will forgive all of them. Because she is a very good girl.


Family Before All, Password Theft, Covert Operations, The Brains Of The Duo, Murder With A Smile, Dark Magical Girl, Yamato Nadeshiko, Collecting Friends Via Brainwashing