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Sienna Fowler
Party Girl
Party Girl
Personal Information
Real Name Sienna Fowler
Code Name Party Girl
Race Champion
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Champion
Function Echo Six - SIGINT
Technical Specifications
Primary One Shot One Kill
Type Energy
Secondary Sharpshooting
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Operation Raccoon City
Voice Actor Cat Taber
Theme Song

Character Data

"Some party this turned out to be."


Sienna "Party Girl" Fowler is a thrill-seeker. A native of South Carolina, Sienna was an "old money" socialite who seemed to be the Kalinka Cossack of the Deep South. In reality, Sienna held a deep resentment for the superficial and droll world of high society. This resentment eventually lead her to blackmail her family's friends and colleagues into donating large sums of money into various charities and non-profits. Her scheme held up until her duping of a Congressman caught the attention of the US government. A plea bargain led Sienna into public service to serve the common good in a more orthodox fashion. A natural social engineer, Sienna acts as the team's SIGINT officer. Party Girl's friendly, talkative nature makes her a superb conversationalist who is not afraid of using her charm to get what she wants. Though her primary skillset is intelligence work, Party-Girl has a stack of NRA championship titles to validate her skills as a sharpshooter.


Smarter Than She Looks, Life of the Party, Advanced Spy Skills Package Included, Janette Bond, Agent Provocateur, Intentionally Flouting Tweed




  • 2229-04-09: Hunting Season - A distress call from Val Verde marks the return of an escaped project of Dr. Kirk. People show up to investigate. Theseus is officialy done with the doctor.

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