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Personal Information
Real Name Patriarch
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Creation Date Circa 2212
Serial Number WMN-001
Faction Blackguard
Function Ruler
Technical Specifications
Weapons All Of Yours
Primary Conqueror's Cudgel
Type Physical
Secondary The Domesday Book
Type Energy
Buster Colors Blue & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Jeremy Irons as Scar
Theme Song "Instruments of Destruction" by N.R.G.

Character Data

"By these methods, *I* shall win both dominion and glory."


Dr. Wily has multiple failsafe systems. During the threat of the Stardroids, Dr. Wily sent copies of as many Robot Masters as he could off Earth in a space ship, hoping that he could restart his conquest of the universe after the aliens had departed. The robots were hidden away on Mars, where their spaceship kept them perfectly preserved for many years. During the Nigh incident, contact was lost with the Earth. As a result, the contingency systems on the ship activated Patriarch, King's duplicate, to make a situational assessment. Believing that Dr. Wily had been lost, Patriarch began to explore the planet and discovered many items of interest. Empowered by alien artifacts, Patriarch has decided that the conquest of the universe is best left to him. He has disassembled most of the Robot Masters and taken much of their power into himself, expanding far beyond his original programming in the process. Patriarch believes he and his small group of Robot Gentlemen, empowered with the secrets of Mars, should have little difficulty conquering the universe. Cunning, ruthless, and convinced of his own divine right to rule, Patriarch believes he follows no master but himself.


Wake Up With The Patriarch, Addressing You Unworthy Knaves, Head Bashing, Stealing Weapons By Ripping People Apart And Eating Their Entrails The Way You're SUPPOSED To, Stealing Dr. Wily's Robots, Stealing Everyone's Robots, Faustian


Created by Doctor Wily and sent to Mars with a collection of Robot Masters, Patriarch and his group wandered Mars for years, completely forgotten by Wily and the others. As he wandered, Patriarch found ancient Martian ruins. Before he could open the ruins, Epsilon and the Irregulars arrived and the two fought over control of the ruins and Mars until finally the Irregulars were pushed off Mars and sent back to Earth to warn the planet of what Patriarch was about to unleash.


  • Possessed one of the few busters... except his method was eating a part of the person he was bustering.



This is not King. If only you were so fortunate.This is a towering figure, adorned in regal cobalt blue armor with gold flourishes. Humanoid and distinctly regal, the machine has an impressive helmet with two axe-like halves, rising up as to cleave the heavens. Within the helmet is a face with powerful aristocratic features; sharp blue eyes, high cheekbones and a strong jaw.

He has broad, strong shoulders adorned with ornamental spikes, kept polished to capture even the smallest amount of light. Underneath his armor is a golden bodysuit that accents the darker color of the thick plate that protects him. He has large, powerful feet, beneath which many foes have been trampled.

He typically wears a long cape, befitting one of his station, and wields a powerful cudgel adorned with blunt block-like prominences.