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Personal Information
Real Name Phaethon Eridanos
Code Name Phantom
Race Champion
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function A Man Who Came In From The Cold
Assignment Champion PMC
Technical Specifications
Primary Cossack Mini-50
Type Physical
Secondary Pankration
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Theme Song Phantom Pt. 2 - Justice

Character Data

"In order to do the most good we cannot be afraid to get our hands dirty; our enemies will do us no such favors."


Phaethon Eridanos, a native of Athens before the Maverick invasion of Europe, was recruited into the Hunters as an intelligence operative during the occupation. Stationed in the secret Hunter base below Tartarus, Phaethon was a constant thorn in the side of the Mavericks until the liberation of Europe. After the fall of Berlin, he took his leave of the organization to try and start over and raise a family in Greece, but the continued escalation of the war convinced him that he should take an active role once more. Volunteering for the Guardian project, his already considerable infiltration and espionage skills were enhanced with cutting edge genetic manipulation. The Phantom power armor he wears as a part of the project gives him even more tools at his disposal, including the ability to teleport for short distances and fly on the back of his primary weapon, the Dark Cross. Phaethon is a cool professional, rarely one to smile and joke, but is as devoted to his team as he is to his family in Greece.


GENTLEMEN, Theros, Trygos, Polemos, Makes The Best Gyros In Champion, Family Man, Was Actually On Your Side All Along, Krypteia, He Who Has Lived Well Has Lived Well-Hidden, Has Acquired A Very Particular Set Of Skills Over A Very Long Career, Treadstone 71, Everything Left To Live For, The Professional, Molon Labe


Phaethon Eridanos (Saki Rouvas)

Born in Athens, Phaethon had no idea the course life would eventually propel him down. Like all young Greeks, he was conscripted into the Greek military when he was 18, to serve his compulsory time, but found his purpose there and stayed for three years. He eventually left in order to pursue business opportunities, during which time he met his wife and resolved to settle down and raise a family.
Shortly thereafter, Phaethon found himself deprived of that opportunity by an invading Maverick force. He joined up with the Hunters and became an intelligence operative, yet again discovering potential within himself he could never have guessed at. He became one of the most successful operatives in that area and was highly praised for his creativity and analytical skills. When the Mavericks were expelled from Europe, he retired from the Hunters to return to his life.
For several years, Eridanos disappeared from the war, re-emerging only after the FMian invasion resolved to rejoin the fight. He volunteered for the Guardian project, was accepted, and became Phantom.


  • "Theros, Trygos, Polemos" is a Greek saying, "Summer, Harvest, War", that means war is a season, part of the natural order of things, and always comes in its due time.
  • Phaethon has two children, Kostas and Sophia.