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Pharaoh Man
Pharaoh Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Platoon Commander / Trebek
Technical Specifications
Primary Pharaoh Shot
Type Fire
Secondary Pharaoh Wave
Type Fire
OOC Information
Game Megaman 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"I hoist the mantle of Ramses the Great aloft my divine brow, and I proclaim: For Amun-Wily, there shall be a thousand sons, ruling the Kingdom of Wily for as many years as there are stars in the sky!"


From amidst the heat and sand of the Egyptian desert emerges a figure clad in gold armor and dun bandages, striding forth with searing plasma Pharaoh Shots at his fingertips, to do battle with the enemies of Amun-Wily and bring glory to his name. Built to serve as a field commander, Pharaoh Man was imbued with all of the pride and confidence fitting the god-like kings of the Nile, giving him a proud, noble air- as well as arrogance as stalwart and everlasting as the great pyramids of Giza. 'The Pharaoh' looks down upon his fellow androids and Robot Masters as lesser beings, believing himself to be the superior of all save for Dr. Wily- much to the ire of many. His lack of respect is often unintentional, however, and more a reflection of his inherent pride than any real contempt for his comrades. Fortunately, Pharaoh Man's prowess as both a leader and a warrior offer some merit to his royal attitude, making him a valuable soldier in Wily's ranks. Though he often prefers to have others do his dirty work for him, Pharaoh Man can quickly grow indignant under pressure or insult, and be goaded into rash and thoughtless action.


Condescension, Regality, Third Person Speech, Field Tactics, Scheming, Knowledge: Egyptian Culture, Desert Survival, Floating Dramatically, Getting Promoted then Demoted then Promoted again, King of De-Nile, Politics, Business, English, Arabic, Amazigh, Ancient Egyptian




Cut Scenes