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Pictor Easel
Personal Information
Race FMian
Gender Neuter (Male)
Faction FMian
Divisions Light Assault
Function Reality Modification
Technical Specifications
Primary Living Art
Type Corrosive
Secondary Paintbrush Smack
Type Corrosive
Buster Colors Red And Speckled White
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"My vision will become reality!"


Pictor Easel believes that it should be able to rewrite reality in its image. Artists are not held in high regard on Planet FM due to the impermanence of energy, which has gradually driven the young Pictor mad. A crazed desire to change the universe to mirror its own bizarre viewpoint has led Pictor to seek out slow matter creatures to use as canvases for its nonsensical, twisted whims. Pictor has no desire to learn about 'friendship', too consumed with its own irrepressible desire to create and destroy. Pictor used Ashley Stevenson as one of his vessels, earning the emnity of Ouroboros scientist Jeffrey Stevenson. Ashley was ultimately rescued, but Pictor continues on, looking for others to involve in his great works.


Ax Crazy, Darwinist, Depraved Artist, Fashion Victim Villain, Mad Artist