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Battle Poet
Pink Skald.png
Personal Information
Real Name Pink Skald
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Prismatic Spider
Faction Unified Army
Technical Specifications
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Let us now wind the web of war
Where the sacred banner is forging forward
Let not his life be taken;
Only the Valkyries can choose the slain."


Pink Skald is young, feisty, and abounding in curiosity. She has an abiding love of all things narrative. She is especially fond of epic poetry and prose, stories of adventure and courage, and anything that explores the “human” condition.

Skald believes that stories are the secret to understanding between peoples. She believes that every story, small or large, personal or sweeping in scope, should be remembered. It is her goal to gather these stories and attempt to understand the world to the best of her ability in hopes that someday this understanding will lead to peace. She resides at the Hall of Storytellers in Gaia City, where she works to preserve works from the past and collect the stories of those willing to tell their own for the good of the future.

Skald can seem dual-natured in that she is also a warrior. While she values the peaceful goals of the Irregulars, she knows that sometimes she will have to defend herself and others in battle in order to pursue what she believes to be right. She is always trying to reconcile and balance the need for peace and the battle-fury that sings in her blood when she fights. She has no love of life lost, but joy can be found in a good fight for her ideals.

History + Personality

Skald begun her life exploring all the information available to her, almost immediately latching onto the first accounts of narrative she could find. The first works to truly make an impression on her were the Prose and Poetic Eddas, Sagas of the Icelanders, and Beowulf. Thus began a love affair with the religion of the ancient Norse--called Asatru now by some modern Heathens who have tried to revive the beliefs of their ancestors.

This also begun her fascination with humans. As the 16th creation of Prismatic Spider, Skald was given the same freedom as her siblings to decide upon her form. She chose to be as human as possible in appearance, as it was most aesthetically pleasing to her while also hoping it would give her an edge in understanding humans both present and past. She understands now that the lengths to which she went are considered distasteful to some, but has no regrets in this choice.

Skald began her career in Star Force, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her brother and sister, Amoldar and Crystal Valkyrie. While she was happy there, something still was missing.

When approached by her brother, Dual, about his idea for the Irregulars and the Hall of Storytellers in Gaia City, Pink knew that she had found her life's calling. It was difficult to leave Star Force, but Skald knew she needed to have the freedom to collect the stories of all people if they were willing. Skald continues to help when she is called to battle, often volunteering.

Skald now lives at the Hall, or with her lover, often traveling back and forth.

After joining the Irregulars, Skald met Mike Eildath. Immediately intrigued by him, the two became fast friends that soon transitioned into a great deal more. Skald had never met a man like him, and while both had misgivings considering Mike was human and much older than she, the two braved the differences. Pink Skald realizes it is a complicated situation, but she is truly in love with him and willing to fight for it. Her family is quite concerned because of Mike's past, but Skald is determined to prove this 'curse' nonsense to be just that.


Viking, Over-Due Book Repeat Offender, Valkyrie's Friend, -- And My Axe!, Yet Another Prismatic Spider Atrocity, Not S-Sad, Conan The Librarian



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