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Pirate Man
Pirate Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Pirate Man
Code Name Pirate Man
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Birth Date May 22, 2213
Serial Number KGN 004
Faction Robot Masters
Function Buccaneer
Assignment Find The Rum
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Piracy
Secondary Specialty Swashbuckling, Treasure Hunting
Primary Remote Mine
Type Explosive
Secondary Bubble Broadside
Type Water
Buster Colors Black & Royal Fuchsia
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass
Voice Actor Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean)
Theme Song Paul and Storm - The Captain's Wife's Lament

Character Data

"Damnation seize me program if I give ye quarter, or take any from ye!"


An android who is fearless, ruthless, and willing to do anything to accomplish his goals, Pirate Man is the perfect privateer designed for raiding worldwide cargo shipping and vulnerable port cities. The quintessential, perhaps cliché buccaneer, his thirst for treasure and adventure is paired with a strict adherence to his pirate's code. His archaic habits of speech and flamboyant piratical nature disguise a cunning and intelligent mind that makes him an effective captain and a serious threat on and off the high seas. However, he can put his personal survival above those of his fellow Masters if they should fall behind in or abandon a losing fight. He is designed to operate at extreme depths, with integral water jets that allow him to silently swim rapidly through the water to surprise his victims. In battle, he uses the double hook that makes up his right hand in melee or as a grappling hook, and can transform his left arm into a launcher that can fire anything from cannonballs to harpoons to his oddly unpiratical signature Remote Mines, explosives that can either home in on targets or latch on to be remotely detonated. He can also summon a bubble of pressured water around himself and rocket forward to slam through opponents and obstacles. With a sense of adventure that can sometimes put his unprepared comrades at risk, Pirate Man is often among the first to charge into action in hopes of finding adventure or booty, whether it be foolhardy or not.


Keelhauling, Plank Walking, Drinking Grog, Privateering, Demolitions, Ambush Tactics, Burying Treasure, Swashing Buckles, Horrible Cliché, Pillaging, Blowing The (Mega) Man Down, Giving The Black Spot, Gullying, Telling Tall Tales, Insult Swordfighting, Better than Ninjas, Working As A Pirate Of Penzance, Totally Doesn't Eat His Vegetables, Thinks Having Scurvy is Awesome, Taking Meal Orders At Long John Silver's, Deactivated Robots Tell No Tales!


Pirate Man was created by Dr. Wily as part of King's Court, which was once supposed to be the ruling party when Wily dies. He was modelled after the cliché pirate because pirates are awesome and the idea hadn't been done yet, and also it served as an excuse to build a huge flying pirate ship. Some say that Wily also wanted to create a rival for Shadow Man to keep him in check, but so far, all rumours indicative of this have been falsified.



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