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Plant Man
Plant Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Plant Man
Code Name -none-
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN-045
Email -none-
Faction Robot Masters
Function Botanical Scientist
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Botanical Scientist
Secondary Specialty Gardener
Primary Plant Barrier
Type Blade Force
Secondary Seeking Vine
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman 6
Theme Song

Character Data

"Ah, what a beautiful flower."


Plant Man is a sharp contrast to many of his brothers - he is primarily a scientist, specifically one that deals in tending to plants, instead of being built as a combat robot. Utilizing frequencies of sound that is far beyond most hearing, he can stimulate plants into bending to his will, as well as constantly being hard at work developing new strains of bizarre plant life in order to aid the Robot Master cause. Despite these abilities, Plant Man has little confidence in himself thanks to much teasing, and prefers instead to lock himself away in his gardens where he can appreciate nature and study in peace. However, even with his normally mellow personality Plant Man has a very short fuse when it regards one thing: the destruction of the environment. He cares intensely about the world around him, and the miracles of life; this android can become unusually aggressive when faced with reckless destruction and will defend both himself and his precious flowers to the death.


Cherry Blossom Winds, Green Thumb, Fashion Sense, The Original SNARM, Dude Looks Like a Lady




  • 2228-07-25: The 69th Annual Wily Hour - The Robot Masters are at it again with the hard-hitting social commentary. Sonia Strumm has some of her own grievances to air.

Cut Scenes