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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Independent
Function News Reporter
Technical Specifications
Primary Microphone Strike
Type Physical
Secondary Taser
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman: Battle and Chase
Theme Song

Character Data

"Plum here, reporting live and on the scene."


Plum is a reporter through and through. She's always professional while doing her job and an all-around nice girl reploid both on and off camera. Fiesty and determined, she'll take practically any risk, within reason, to get the top story. While she harbors strong anti-Maverick feelings, she keeps them to herself. She'll interview anyone she thinks has an interesting viewpoint to tell about and doesn't hesitate to get right to the tough questions, no matter which side they're on. In order to maintain her professional standing and rapport with both the heroes and the villians, she strictly maintains an outside position during situations, not interfering with either side. As she sees it, she's not out to put her own slant on the news. Plum can skate over pavement at up to 50 mph using the skates on her boots. While she has no offensive weaponry, she is skilled enough at martial arts to defend herself quite adequately should the situation arise. Still, she often puts herself in considerable danger in her quest for the perfect story.


Roller Skating, Reporting, Risk Taking, Martial Arts: General