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Prairie Wind Alouette Mallory
Personal Information
Real Name ??? Pureri
Code Name Prairie
Race Strider
Gender Female
Creator/s Mom & Dad
Birth Date March 23, 2205
Serial Number RECORD LOST
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Champions Corp
Function Wuxia Heroine
Assignment Champion PMC
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Wuxia Heroine
Secondary Specialty A Playful Prairie Wind
Weapons Yes
Primary Love In This World Gone Cold
Type Physical
Secondary Dancing Fairy Bullet
Type Physical
Buster Colors Pink & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Voice Actor Caitlin Glass (as Haruhi Fujioka)
Theme Song Lost Tribe - Gamemaster

Character Data

"Everyone decides their own path."


Prairie has committed herself to finding her own way in life. She began her life in tragedy, with the death of her parents at the hands of Zero during his berserk rampage through Shanghai. She was saved from the aftermath by Ciel, who dubbed her 'Alouette' lacking any other way of identifying her at the time. Made into a symbol of the dangers of modern robotics by the Pantheon movement, she wound up changing hands as a hostage many times after the fall of Neo Arcadia before breaking free on her own. Prairie has had many adventures, seeking martial and spiritual training from a variety of sources to try to find her destiny. She sought to become strong, and along the way learned the meaning of friendship and love. Medical science has rebuilt her shattered body beyond the wildest dreams of any who knew her as a child. Trained in the ways of combat and soldiery from a young age by a variety of unlikely mentors, her skills in war are often underestimated by those who knew her as Alouette. Prairie is one of only a handful of known Striders who does not serve Grandmaster Meio, a fact made more astonishing by her status as the younger biological sister of Serpent, the man chosen as Ouroboros' field general.


The Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter, Float Like A Butterfly Kick Like A Howitzer, Raised By Orcs, Somewhere Between Cute Bruiser And Lady Of War, The End Result Of An Entire Faction Deciding To Personally Mentor Someone, Pink Is The New Black, Has Taken Many Levels Of Badass, Jane Of All Trades, Aspiring Always To Make The Paladin Interesting



Being born to two parents with an older brother almost seems normal for Prairie. However, her history after her birth, is intrinsically unique - and terrifying, and painful all at the same time. Born on March 23, 2205 - as far as records can tell - she was ten years old when Zero went on his rampage in Shangai in 2216.

Prairie would lose her parents to death, and contact to her brother at this time. She also got injured, badly enough that when she was found by Dr. Ciel Mallory. Due to her amount of injuries, she was rebuilt with cybernetics and her aging was slowed via genetic therapy so she wouldn't outgrow the implants, and there she gained a new name: Alouette Mallory, Ciel's adopted daughter.

As Alouette

With her age arrested, she was a part of the cause that caused Ciel to get disowned by her parents. Alouette continues to become a figurehead of Neo Arcadia at Elpizo's insistence. In 2220, Blade Dancer, AKA Kirin Mathers is revealed. On May 23th, Kirin tries to capture Alouette for Ra Moon and to kill Ciel. Ciel saves Alouette's life again, and kills Kirin.

The Genocide Virus is eventually introduced to Neo Arcadia in late 2219, which nearly kills Alouette. Ciel stops advocating Neo Arcadia at this time, and instead once again saves Alouette's life.

See? No eye lasers!

Becoming Pureri

In 2220, Ciel surrenders Alouette to the Repliforce, which results in Alouette's brief kidnapping by the Red Dragon Striders for just over a month, before she once again gets liberated by Repliforce. During the time of the kidnapping, William Wiggin undoes most of the cybernetic and genetic therapy enhancements, allowing Alouette to bloom from a caught in time ten year old to a strong fifteen year old almost overnight.

Prairie is not allowed to see Ciel over this time period, as Ciel founds Charité Technologie and continues her work as a scientist. Alouette get 'taken' by STARS in August 2220, and is kept there in a Idaho base. On August second, she escapes, and sheds the name Alouette to become Pureri - Prairie.

Longewei, aka Rufus, aka Serpent at this time would be noticed by Prairie.

Over the next year and a half she would be trained by various members of Repliforce and their allies and push herself to the limit and past it, blossoming into the fighter she is today. After disappearing at the start of 2221, she reappears at the Black Road in late February, fighting and defeating several Numbers in a row. Over the next week, she would battle against Hiryu who was currently mind-controlled by Grandmaster Meio. It was an intense duel that ends in a Pyhrric victory.

Going to Spain, Pureri and Fairy Leviathan would fight in Zaragoza, fighting Fefnir and Phantom, the two Guardians that remained under the Professor's control. Pureri would bring down Fefnir herself, and watch in horror as Leviathan and Phantom are murdered by a ambush launched by Prometheus.

Two months later, Colonel, General, Pureri, and a variety of other prime fighters fight Alexia Ashford. Elpizo appears mid-battle and sacrifices himself to weaken Alexia enough so that the others could defeat her, and Pureri assists Colonel and General doing so.

Prairie takes a vacation.

On November 11th, she goes and talks to Ciel for the first time in two years. Mother and daughter reconcile.

From Pureri to Prairie

In early 2223, Ciel becomes possessed by the FMian Crux. Prairie and a ADF agent track her to Neo-Tokyo, where they are successful out of talking her out of the possession. Prairie nurses Ciel back to health at this point, commenting that 'it's about time that she got to heal the healer'.

Ciel and Alouette

Prairie's brother(not really), Seiryuu the dragon is hatched on April 29th, 2223 at Charité. Prairie enjoys talking to him even if she's not precisely the best kind of sibling for a dragon. At the end of September, she joins Ciel for Andrew's death, burning his body at his request.

The Champions

As part of Ciel's work and Prairie's constant training, Charité accepts a contract to start the Champion Initiative. The first Champions are chosen, Raoul, Helene Sundstrand, Phaethon Eridanos, and Tukiyo Kaminari.

Prairie, due to her intense training, is set as the commander of the team, and they are soon put to work on the side of law and order. Doigt, a former agent of Neo Arcadia, is attempting to start an uprising of human supremacists. Using Marius Radulescu, Doight masked his attempts to form a new Neo Arcadian army with the help of Dr. Stevenson and a unknown third party, only to be stopped by Prairie and the Champion team on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Raziya Pakhom joins Champions shortly after they ally themselves permanently as a PMC to Repliforce. Sean Majors would eventually join the team as well.

Genetic Information

Ciel starts looking into Prairie's genetics when Prairie gives her permission, going through a full scanning, normal and e-human testing, and just about everything else Ciel can think of. Ciel informs her that Wiggin treated her very well, and perhaps someone else grew her back into the human weapon she is today. It is then that Ciel finds three other things out about Prairie.

The first is that she has no eggs, and cannot reproduce any children naturally(that is to say, physically). They were replaced by a series of tiny bioplastic beads that superficially resemble human ovum and are treated by her body as such, with all normal processes.

That's not a smirk. The doll still has no eye lasers.

The second is that she has a extraordinarily rare S-gene manifestation. She does not have the traditional red-eyes that occur because of the limited albinism that make the iris appear red. She also has extremely slow cellular senescence. Cellular regeneration for Prairie is higher than in other Striders; she heals faster and has a stronger immune system. If she shows additional signs of aging, no one is sure.

Using William Wiggin, the Aesir, Serpent, and Pureri's DNA files, Ciel finds multiple points of genetic lineage between the group. Serpent show signs of augmentation, and was a native carrier of the S-gene. Further research eventually reveals that Serpent is Prairie's legal blood brother; they share the same parents.

However, it is also revealed that Wiggin is Pureri's half-brother - this statement did not come easily. Results eventually reveal that they share a mother, but not the father; this result shows that Serpent, Pureri, and Wiggin share a mother, who is also the mother of some of the Aesir. However, it is the fathers that remain a mystery, for they are a patchowrk.

One generation farther back, however, would show, somewhat inconclusively, that the Grandmaster Meio is quite probably the Grandfather of the whole group of eight. No one knows for sure, however, so Prairie will have to do research. Research of how, perhaps, those people that stole her eggs are using them. It is a question that must be answered.

And it will.

Last Year

In 2224, Prairie would fight the Grandmaster Meio hand on hand with several others, only barely managing to stay alive. This would be the first and only time she's dared so far to ever refer to the the probable genetic traits they share: she would call him Grandfather. Immediately after this, she would instruct Ciel to share this information, as she is not shy of revealing such things, even if it does make it rather awkward.

The rest of the year would follow quietly as she continued to help train the non-Ouroboros allied Striders and the rest of the Champions, along with personally training TASC operative Marko along with several others, and personally making sure Raziya could still hold up.

Pureri smiling.

She continues developing her relationship with Ciel, her adopted mother. She also agress to help form the Wulin, the cross-factional training facility and area headed by Kung Chao Jie from Ouroboros.

Current Information

In February of 2225, this year, Prairie would walk into China while on vacation from Repliforce and the Champion Corp and assert that she wishes to get to know her 'family'. Serpent would meet her and allow her access to China, as well as promising her safe passage. She would stay in Chao Jie Kung's mansion during her stay.

Hi-Max would find Prairie in secret and she would reveal her fears and worries that she has at the time. Sean Majors would try to help alleviate Prairie's fears and directly go against her orders to help make sure Prairie is okay while in China.

During her visit, she would talk to Atlas of the Aesir and several others, and come back to Repliforce and Charité feeling more confused than she did before.

She may be having nightmares.

During her birthday and various training sessions in March, Marko gives her a dream-catcher when she explains her nightmares to him. This somehow seems to work, for the most part.

Prairie participates in the Wulin Tournament, eventually losing to Bailey Seers. She defeats Axl in the Consolation Prize tournament, and is currently supposed to be facing Aino for the next round.

During this time period, she promotes Helene to XO of the Champions.


  • She does have a doll. This doll does not have eye lasers.
    • The doll /might/ be a Cyber-Elf. No one is sure.
  • Only Repliforcer able to lounge in China for two weeks in Chao's mansion without getting killed.
  • Amount of times she has called Serpent her brother: We lost count.
  • Amount of times she has called Meio her grandfather and lived: Once
  • Amount of times she's gotten yelled at by Ciel over the radio: Far, far too much.
  • Raised by about half of the MUSH, give or take twenty people or so.
  • She does not actually blame Zero for anything.
    • Yes, this may be surprising.
  • Capable of being perfectly invisible in public while wearing bright pink.


Current List of Padawans

Soundtrack Selections

For the most part, check her +soundtrack on the MUSH itself (as it has over fifty tracks).


Cut Scenes


The Champions

  • Ciel Mallory: Mother... saved me. Multiple times. There are days where I think that without her, I'd be dead, or in the hands of the Grandmaster. For that, she is a unspeakably bright, shining star in my life. I love her.
  • Jeremy: Why did I happen to drink with you? Why is it you've always been the one ... well... just one who knows me so well? Thank you, Jeremy. For everything.
  • Tookie: Tookie frustrates, and annoys me at times. However, the raw power she gives is a undeniable help to the 'Force and the team. Maybe once she calms down, she can be the greatest one of us all.
  • Raz: My cadet, my youngest, my friend. I look forward to seeing where she goes.
  • Fefnir: Quiet, strong, powerful. Continues to exceed my expectations.
  • Phantom: Strong, powerful, kind, and humorous. A great addition to our team.
  • Leviathan: Helene is a amazing brilliant, smart woman, and one I'm eternally proud of. Dating Marshall, at the moment, which I'm quite okay with.
  • Marko: I don't have a favorite among trainees, but Marko's been with me for so long that were he 'Force, he'd be in the Champions/specials with us. Always full of good humor.
  • Phi: Sometimes, sir, I don't understand what you're doing. Other times, though, I completely understand... to lose General and Colonel in the same year... I will always stand by your side. As your friend, and as your chief in command of Special.

Gone But Not Forgotten

  • General: You have to have roots, before branches... and you were one of the biggest roots of Repliforce, General. I will ... forever miss you - and I will make you proud.
  • Andrew: You were one of my first mentors, one of my first masters. I miss you. Have I done well?
  • Elpzio: I don't know what to say anymore. I hate you, I love you, I do and don't forgive you. You were the bane of my life and the man that helped save us all.

Everyone Else

  • Amoldar: Amoldar... I'm so sorry for you. For everything.
  • Hiryu: Fellow ninja, and a training partner.
  • Nate: You treat Ciel like she's always wanted to be - and you're there for her. Can I ask for more?
  • Kanissa: It's always an a honor, sir.
  • Cinnamon: My favorite angel.
  • Marshall: Helene's boyfriend, and one of my favorite pranking and terrorizing folks. He's so kind hearted though. Sometimes I worry that he might be getting over his head.
  • Serpent: ... I miss you, Longwei.
  • Axl: Whatever you do, you do it with a head full of heart and a heart full of love. I can respect that.
  • Geo: Geo... Sonia and I don't always get along, and sometimes I feel sorry for that... you've always been a friend.
  • Bud: Bud... I feel bad for sneaking up on you. But you have to learn. You're my newest trainee, so I suppose I'm a bit harder on you than the others...