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Princess Pride of Creamland
Princess Pride
Princess Pride
Personal Information
Real Name Pride Baumann
Code Name Princess Pride
Race Human
Gender Female
Creator/s Mother and Father
Birth Date 2200
Serial Number Royalty
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Commando
Function Knight Commando
Assignment Cream Them
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Princess, Diplomacy
Secondary Specialty Power Armor/Ride Armor
Weapons Charm. When that fails, a really large mace.
Primary Product Placement
Type Corrosive
Secondary Pepper Spray
Type Corrosive
Buster Colors White & Silver-blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 2
Theme Song 'Hall Om Mig' - Nanne Gronvall

Character Data

"You can't comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable."


The face of Creamland to much of the world, Princess Pride is the second of the tiny nation's three princesses. Rejecting the crueler premises of her neo-objectivist upbringing, her natural empathy toward the plight of "unworthy" others led the Dairy King to make her the kingdom's spokesperson. Her work as a diplomatic has made her more worldly, but it has not had the desired effect of making her more cynical or callous. Idealistic but not naive, she uses Creamland's discretionary funds to support humanitarian causes and the arts, maintaining a policy of optimism and hope despite the world around here. Often the target of terrorist attacks, she is kept under constant protection, and has become quite a capable combatant herself in her next-generation power armor, the Cream Knight. Her love for Laika, her guardian, is a source of irritation to her father, who would much rather her married off into what's left of the European royalty.


A Lady Of Adventure And Increasingly A Lady Of War, Beauty Is Never Tarnished, Everything's Better With Princesses, Fantastic Costuming, Feminine Women Can Cook, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, The Ingenue, Heroine Of The Present



Princess Pride is the daughter of Her Serene Highness the Dairy Queen, also known as Annette, and the CEO-Monarch the Dairy King, Yaniv Baumann. The second child, she is the younger of Vanity and the older of Reason. She was born in approximately 2200, although no firm details have ever been released from the royal family regarding their actual birth.

Laika's smiling. Life is good..

Growing Up A Princess

As the child of royalty, Princess Pride started her training at a young age, working with those that had trained Princess Vanity to become a Princess worth the title, including topics as royal law and duty, and other more womanly things such as hand-knitting and yes, even cooking. Due to her pride in herself and her name, Princess Pride always put forward her best effort, no matter what the training is in.

In 2210 when Creamland officially became a official monarchy and welcomed into the United Nations, Princess Prides training continued, and broadened. She was always the more outspoken of the three Princesses, and wielded her charm and dignity like a sword, able to deal with even the worst of the worst with nothing more than a smile and a kind gesture. Due to this, as she entered her late teens, she quickly became the spokesperson for the monarchy and the land in general.

Protection And Love

It is not to say that all was well, however; due to the small forces of Creamland, they constantly reached out to the Swiss and others for help in protection. As such, when she turned eighteen in 2218, she was a instrument of diplomacy in making sure the European invasion by the Mavericks got overturned.

As such, she got assigned her own personal bodyguard by the name of Laika Hiro-St. James shortly afterwards, a man of good deeds and work. Princess Pride trusted him explicitly, and brooked no argument in her work after seeing that, unarmed, she was much of a danger as a terrorist target. As such, she worked with a group of scientests to make a power armor, the Cream Knight, so that she can fight alongside Laika and the other Commandos.

Yes, that's a Cream Knight plush.

The Knight Commando In Love

As time has bled on, her attention has turned towards not only keeping herself and her small group of friends and her country safe, but also towards love. While she was unsure of it, she finally realized that she had spent so much time with Laika that she had fallen in love with him, a secret that she has made clear to her father, much to his displeasure.

Laika continues to not notice, however. Well. He has. Maybe. Sometimes its' hard to tell...

Her Story

However, she continues walking the world with her charm and grace. The title of Serene Princess is not just one given, she has utterly earned it with her ability to defuse situations with her voice and personality alone. However, when that is a problem, she's got a giant chain with a spiked ball at the end.

She's not your typical damsel in distress, and she likes it that way. Now if everyone would settle down and be quiet, we can get back to the United Nations meeting regarding the latest problem....

Not The Storybook Ending

Currently, after punching Devilotte de Deathsatan IV in the face and abandoning the Cream knight armor to face carol on foot while snarking back to Joseph Gibson, and getting Laika into trouble because of her actions, she and he were given a choice, and accepted it. Laika will work with Repliforce while Princess Pride undergoes enhancements from Dr. Ciel Mallory so that she may fight in and out of the Cream Knight.

Whether this will solve her occasional temper, no one is quite sure...


A scene that she hates.
  • Laika Smile Count: 1
  • May in fact actually hate Devilotte de Deathsatan IV.
    • And Carol.
  • Has snarked at Joe Gibson. This is not a Good Thing.
  • Nathan has told her that she's becoming a proper commando at least twice now.
  • Can probably drink Laika under the table.
  • Prefers chocolate milk to white milk.
  • See also: Creamland
  • Captain Commando knows all of her feminine tricks and wiles.
  • Whatever you do, don't ask Laika about Operation: Cream filling.



  • 2220-07-22: Creamland - The terrible trio visits Creamland.
  • 2220-07-23: Creamland Pt. 2 - The visit continues. NAZI ATTACK!
  • 2220-07-24: Creamland Pt. 3 - THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES. Nazis capture Princess Pride. What shall they do??
  • 2220-07-26: Creamland Pt. 4 - The adventure continues. The team assembles to rescue Princess Pride.
  • 2224-08-14: Operation Cream Filling - After months of careful planning, Princess Pride confronts her bodyguard, Laika Hiro-St. James, about something...
  • 2225-03-07: Repliforce Ball - Depth Dragoon helps host a fancy dance party on Sky Lagoon, and some TASC members attend.
  • 2226-07-06: The Von Bleucher Affair - A fancy dress party is invaded by pirates.

Cut Scenes

  • 2222-09-18: Hold Me - Princess Pride examines the risk involved in a good deed.
  • 2227-12-25: Will Never Die - Family.